There are people around us who always say negative things in life, just like those who say positive things. In fact, they are more because they always see the glass half empty. They cannot be more positive or happier because when they are happy, they create their own unhappiness. So when they are happy, they actually bring themselves more grief. For example: “I laughed a lot today, it means I’m going to cry a lot”. They shape their own lives with their own thoughts, but they are not aware of it. And when all the negativities they say come out in front of them in their lives, this time they think that the negativities they feel are the truth of their lives, and they tell us this as a life experience. We all took certain exams, some of us were successful, some of us failed. When we were unsuccessful, we were exposed to very serious negative criticism (it was experienced and approved by me :)) ). The more you hear it now, the more you start to adopt it after a while, unfortunately, this is how it is. Of course, instead of supporting them, they become a hindrance. When we fail, we expect our closest people to support us, but they do not realize that they bring us down with their criticism. When they get mad at us, they think they’re doing something good, but it’s not. When we fail, our self-confidence decreases, our anxiety for the future increases more and more, while we cope with them, our psychology is naturally affected by the negative things they say about us. When you get hit after blow like that, you start to realize that the only person you should listen to is yourself. We are the ones who know us best, not our parents, even though we can’t talk to them, we already know what we want within ourselves, all we do is to please them and get their appreciation. For the rest of our life, we will eat for ourselves, we will work for ourselves, we will live for ourselves. Why do we feel like the words of others (everyone is different to me except ourselves) are the backbone of our lives, instead of self-development instead of pleasing ourselves here? Let me summarize it like this, so that we don’t make any mistakes so that we don’t have any wrong choices. Okay, how will we improve if we make no mistakes? I think this attitude grows thanks to false failures. There is a saying that “the person who never makes mistakes is the person who does nothing.” so true. No matter how unsuccessful you fail, don’t give up trying again and don’t listen to the dry noise of the environment, most importantly, trust yourself no matter what. I learned this. No matter how much you fall, get up again, don’t forget your feet, there is only you behind you. How did you find this article? 2021

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