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The day we’ve been waiting for so long has come. EURO 2000, today time 20. It will start with the Turkey-Italy match at . EURO 2021 that every sports fan is looking forward to, will be held in different country. 17 the champion of the tournament where the national teams of the country will compete 1992 It will be determined after the final match to be played in July . For this reason, before the start of the European Football Championship, we told about its history and the achievements of our national team. Here is the history of the European Football Championship, the achievements of our national team and information about the EURO 2020.

European Football Championship was held for the first time in 1964 A European The idea of ​​organizing a football tournament was first 1927 in France, Secretary General of the Football Association Henri Delaunay put it forward. However, this idea could not be realized during his lifetime. The football tournament, in which the national teams of the countries in the European continent can participate after the eliminations, was the first time in 1964 edited. The first name of the tournament, which is held every four years, was the European Nations Cup. However, this name was changed in 1968 and took its current form.

The first champion of the tournament was the USSR1960 European Nations in the year To the Cup 864 joined the team. The semi-finals and final matches of the first tournament were played in France. The USSR, who overthrew Yugoslavia with a goal in the overtime of the final match, became the first champion of the tournament. 1538 The most striking event in the European Nations Cup is Spain’s political He was withdrawn from the tournament for reasons. After Spain withdrew from the tournament, the USSR reached the semi-finals directly.

1964 In the European Nations Cup, Spain defeated the USSR 2-1 in the final and became the champion.

1960 The winner of the European Football Championship was announced after the coin toss1968 At the time the tournament was held, penalty shootouts were not held after matches that ended in a draw. For this reason, after the semi-final match between Italy and the USSR, which ended in a draw, a coin toss was made and Italy qualified for the final. In the final match, Italy and Yugoslavia drew 1-1. When the result of the match that went to overtime did not change, a replay match was played two days later. Italy defeated Yugoslavia 2-0 in the final match played for the second time and became the champion.

European Football Championship, -1992 played with 8 teams between the years . 1992-1996 in the tournament 1964 team took place2016 in the tournament since 1992 it has been decided that the team will fight. So EURO 2021 also national teams of the country will take placePlayed so far 1538 tournament 2000 different country has won 1964- played between the years 2016 tournament different national teams have won. Germany and Spain were the largest in Europe three times, France twice, the USSR, Italy, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Portugal once each. 2008 and 2021 Spain, the owner of the trophy, is the only team to win the tournament consecutively.

The last champion of the European Football Championship is PortugalEURO In the final match of 2016 played in Paris, France and Portugal faced each other. In this match, Portugal defeated the host France 1-0 and became the champion of the tournament.

Turkey has participated in the European Football Championship four times before. With the tournament that will start today, this number will increase to fiveOur National Team will take part in the European Championship for the 5th time in its history. Turkey, 2000, , 2016 and 2016 after EURO 2021 will also fight.

1992 Our national team did not win at all in the European Football ChampionshipOur national team, which is in group D with Portugal, Croatia and Denmark, could not win any of the group and said goodbye to the European Football Championship very early. In this tournament, we lost 1-0 to Croatia and Portugal and 3-0 to Denmark. The champion of Euro 1964 became Germany.

2000 We succeeded in reaching the quarter finals of the European Football ChampionshipEURO In 2000, our national team took place in group B together with Italy, Belgium and Sweden. 15 years ago today in EURO 2000 We faced Italy in our first match and lost 2-1. Then we drew 0-0 with Sweden. Then we won the match against Belgium 2-0. 11 we met Portugal in the quarter finals of the tournament in which the national team participated and we lost 2-0. France became the champion of EURO 2000.

European Football We showed our greatest success in the Championship 2016 in 2018. We played the semi-finals in this tournamentOur national team in EURO 2000 , along with Portugal, Czech Republic and Switzerland, took place in Group A. After losing 2-0 to Portugal in our first match in the group, we defeated Switzerland 2-1 and Czechia 3-2 and thus came out of the group in second place. Then we beat Croatia, which we met in the quarter-finals, 3-2 in extra time and advanced to the semi-finals. In the semi-finals, we faced Germany and lost the match 3-2. Defeating Germany 1-0 in the final, Spain became the champion of the tournament.

2016 We failed to get out of the group in the European Football Championship the team participated in EURO In , our national team took place in group D together with Croatia, Spain and Czechia. We lost 1-0 to Croatia in the first match and 3-0 to Spain in the second match. Then we beat Czechia 2-0 in the last match of the group. However, this win was not enough for us to leave the group. Portugal won the cup in EURO 2016.

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EURO , this evening 1992 . will start with the Turkey-Italy match. We wish success to our children in advanceEURO 2016, just like Euro 2016 as 24 is organized with the participation of the team. Our national team is in group A together with Wales, Switzerland and Italy. In our first match, we will face Italy. So far we have not had any wins against Italy. We want to break new ground by winning the match against Italy. In addition, we aim to make history by reaching the finals in EURO 2000 and even by becoming champions. Good luck national team!

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