The femicides that affect me the most, and I want to talk about it, so let’s get started… We know that violence against women unfortunately exists in almost every house, but the current situation is officially genocide, do you think it’s violence, harassment? /rape they are all going crazy and when they come before the judge, their defenses are almost the same. etc. Do you know what is the funniest thing is that the judges give them the right and release them where the necessary punishment should be given to the notorious criminals. Then we all come together to oppose this injustice and try to get justice from social media so that the criminal gets the necessary punishment. harassment/rape, violence are psychological diseases and although everyone knows this, we still look at the woman’s clothes and hair and try to find her guilty. They are so ignorant that their minds are so empty that they do not have the brain to argue with the person in front of us about a subject, and they are left to criticize the clothes of our women, girls and children … . If you are a Muslim and you are in a Muslim country, you try to win over the person in front of you, by talking nonsense like this, by hearing from somewhere and arguing in front of people, are you Muslim or look at the clothes you wear, I don’t know, you can’t talk. For God’s sake, come to yourselves, or everyone can wear what they want, everyone is responsible for themselves. We have to respect everyone. How did you find this article? 2021

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