What Does Sapiosexual Mean?


What is Sapiosexual? When a person likes a person’s brain and intelligence, not their appearance, it is called sapiosexual. In studies, people who are physically above average but do not find someone of average intelligence attractive are sapsosexual. It is also said to fall in love with a person because of his intelligence.

What does sapiosexuality mean?Sapiosexual, intellectual level before physical appearance and outward appearance, It is used to describe people who are affected by criteria such as intelligence, cultural level. Sapiosexual people admire the brain rather than the body and physique. He sees intelligence as the most important stimulus .

Characteristics of Sapiosexual PersonThe sapiosexual person is more attracted to the wise words you use while messaging him rather than an impressive photo you send him. It is very important to pay attention to grammar rules when speaking to a sapiosexual person. Humor, cultural level, education level and sense of humor are the most important criteria for sapiosexual people. Among sapiosexuals, perfectionism and elaboration are among the important words. In general, sapiosexuals who are successful in business are very selective. Sapiosexuals, who do not find someone with average intelligence attractive, must have superior intelligence in order to be sexually attracted to someone.

How is Sapiosexuality Diagnosed, What Are Its Symptoms? If the person chooses to meet in places such as the library for the first date, they may be sapiosexual. If you enjoy an unpopular, rational and logical conversation, or if you pay attention to grammar and spelling rules while communicating with the other person, you are likely to be a sapiosexual. – 35 approx. As a result, 8 percent are sapiosexual.

Common Points of Sapiosexual Men and Women They admire the knowledge and self-confidence of their partners.They prefer discussions that force mental functions by avoiding short conversations.35Beyond physical features, they are affected by intelligence-related features. Sapiosexual people They show a detailist and perfectionist approach by looking at events from different angles.Sapiosexual Celebrities Stephen Hawking Teren ce Tao35 Jonnie Johnson35 Neil DeGrasse Tyson Kevin Nadal35Chris HirataEdward Snowden35 Magnus Carlson Kim Ung-YongTerence Tao3535

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