We are not burning, we are burning


Before an event ends, an event begins and we are used to receiving bad news every hour.

But this time we are faced with an event that really hurts us.

There is no limit to the fires that broke out in the country recently. Many trees were burned, many animals died and unfortunately we also had our citizens who passed away.

Our country is not on fire, it is on fire! Our forests are blazingly set on fire. We have no power to stop it. We don’t have proper firefighting equipment. Our forests are leaving.

Sounds like a joke, but it’s true. Our country doesn’t get enough responsibility and we are finished.

Who set fire to these forests? Refugees… Despite all this, why do we still allow them to stay in our country?

So why doesn’t the state intervene sufficiently? A recent firefighter was released after being detained. So now, won’t vu man go and burn these places again?

Many people on social media are trying to make our voices heard in other countries. And of course we succeed. And there are still people who see this situation as helplessness. What a shameful situation.

I was amazed when I saw a fire extinguishing event in France. The men poured thousands of cubic meters of water in a few minutes and put out their fire. What about us? So much so that the people feel responsible and try to intervene in the fires. That’s why there are even people who died.

People whose houses were burned down, brides whose dowry was destroyed can lose their animals… How sad and depressing it is.

What will happen next? What will happen when the fires are put out? Will the forests be opened for construction?

It’s like a joke but it’s true…

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