Virgin Galactic restarts ticket sales for space travel


Virgin Galactic has started selling tickets again for their space tour. However, getting these tickets is not easy, as might be expected. Those who want to have a seat on Virgin Galactic’s space tour 450 have to pay a thousand dollars.

Virgin Galactic’s founder, Richard Branson, with a group of mission experts last month It was the company’s first manned space flight. The company, which also published its financial report for the second quarter, underlined that it has taken significant steps to start commercial service in 2022.

Potential for Virgin Galactic’s space tour tickets Customers are offered three options. In addition to the single seat option, there are also options such as buying multiple seats and closing the entire flight. The currently used version of the VSS Unity spacecraft has two pilot and four passenger seats. Therefore, it should be noted that the option to close the entire flight is not unlikely.

Virgin Galactic, which will prioritize early applicants, will apply an ordered priority list on its subsequent flights. The company, which will take members of the Italian Air Force into space on its next journey, will then take a break from space flights to renew VSS Eve until the middle of 2022.

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