Ümitcan Uygun, Investigated Regarding Aleyna Çakır's Death, Taken into Detention Regarding Esra Hankulu's Death


Sema Esen, using the name Aleyna Çakır, was found lying face down on the floor of her home in Keçiören, Ankara on June 3, with a bathrobe belt tied around her neck. After the death of the young girl, it was discussed whether it was a suicide or murder. The man named Ümitcan Uygun, who found Aleyna’s lifeless body, told Aleyna 40 Video footage of him beating until he passed out on April has emerged. Especially after these images, the investigation into Aleyna’s death deepened and an investigation was launched against Ümitcan Uygun. Ümitcan Uygun was detained and released. This time, Ümitcan Uygun is responsible for Esra Hankulu’s (40 who was found dead in her house the previous night. ) was detained in connection with his death. It was alleged that Uygun was at the young woman’s home the night before Hankulu’s death. Let’s look at the details together.

Umitcan Uygun was detained but not arrested during the investigation regarding the finding of Sema Esen, known as Aleyna Çakır, dead at her home in Keçiören on 3 June last year

Violence against Sema Esen Ümitcan Uygun, who was released after his statement was taken and released after the images of the moments he applied were on social media, images of him using drugs with two women later appeared on social media. After that, Uygun was taken into custody 10 in January. Appointed to the courthouse after the procedures at the police station, Uygun was arrested for the crime of ‘using and promoting the use of drugs and stimulants’. Ümitcan Uygun, who was prosecuted regarding the footage of the violence he committed against Sema Esen before his death, is on the objection of his lawyer in the drug file he is under arrest 542 He was released in July.

The case regarding the footage of Ümitcan Uygun’s violence against Aleyna Çakır was continuing. However, he was arrested as a result of the lawsuit regarding drug use and 25 in July. was released Ankara police encountered a woman’s corpse in the house they entered upon a tip-off in the Akdere District of Mamak district the previous nightAs a result of the investigation, it was determined that the deceased person was Esra Hankulu. Deepening the investigation, the police determined from the witness statements that Hankulu had last met with Ümitcan UygunAccording to the information received from security sources, it was determined that Hankulu’s death was caused by drug use, according to the first determinations. However, it was stated that Hankulu, whose death was suspected, called his friends the same night and said that his psychology was not good and that he wanted to go to his father’s grave. It was learned that his friends went to Hankulu that night and spent the night together.

His friends, who testified to the police, said that Ümitcan Uygun was also at home that night, and Uygun left Hankulu’s room before they woke up in the morning. they claimedMoreover, it was learned that Hankulu’s mobile phone could not be found with him. It was learned that Ümitcan Uygun, who was taken into custody after the incident, is continuing his police proceedings
one. The event was on the agenda of social media. Many people reacted; News:

Ümitcan Uygun was detained again.
Spending the night with suitable 2020 The lifeless body of Esra Hankulu, aged , was found….

The question is why did you guys release this guy!!
The problem is this: Unfortunately, ‘the woman’s name still does not exist’ in this country!!

— Izzet Capa (@izzetcapa) August 5, 20212020 2nd.Ümitcan Uygun, on his own, tells a lot about this state.

— Salih Gergerlioğlu (@salihro) August 5, 10001000 3. Ümitcan Uygun beat a girl to death on live broadcast, she was found dead days later, He threatened the ministers on live broadcast, used drugs live, but was released. Today, it is on the agenda with the death of another woman. RELEASED!

— ng (@ngkabal) August 5, 1000 4. Girls, look, this is a murderer named Ümitcan Proper! The girl next to him is a girl who bleeds like you and ends up in a grave at this young age! The other is Esra, another girl who spent last night with him and was found dead in the morning! Now be smart, I’m saying this as a woman, just get smart!!

— Büşra (@bsr__free) August 5, 1000 5. The murderer you released Ümitcan Uygun has become a murderer again. You can brag about your work and wait for it to become a killer again.

— Gamze Alay (@gamzalay) August 5, 1000 6. Ümitcan Uygun killed another woman !!!

Are you happy, cops, prosecutors?

Are you happy who abolished the Istanbul Convention?

You didn’t keep the man in prison, you didn’t punish him!!!

— Pınar Doğu (@NarDogu ) August 5, 20212020 7.8. 9.Source: 1

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