The Most Shocking Animated Movie !


The name of this animated movie, which is considered the most shocking animated movie, is Grave of the Fireflies. It is an animated film written by a person named Akiyuki Nosaka due to the deep sadness he experienced after losing his brother as a result of a war. It is extremely impressive, shocking and touching. Although his main purpose was to apologize to his brother while writing, he managed to impress everyone with this Japanese movie that spread all over the world over time.

His brother died due to starvation as a result of the 2nd World War.

This animated film is based on a partial autobiographical novel. 1988 animated film written and directed by Isap Takahata.

Shinchosha contracted Studio Ghibli for the production of this animated movie and it was also Shinchosha’s first film project.

This movie is not only the most shocking animation, but also the strongest anti-war movie ever made.

It should be noted that it was chosen as the most sincere animated film because the author reflects his most sincere feelings to the film.

The reason why the name of the movie is the Fireflies’ graveyard is a curious detail.

The main characters, Seita and Setsuko, catch the fireflies they find and stay in the desolate place for the night. Uses it to illuminate the dark bomb shelter. And the next day they realize that they are dead. They understand how short the life of fireflies is like their own.

A shocking and heartbreaking animated movie that you cannot control your tears while watching.

Enjoy watching …

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