The Effect of Modern Life on Male Infertility


Modernizing life with the advancement of technology has begun to affect health conditions negatively. With the telephone, TV, devices and many technological devices, the danger of radiation in our lives is increasing rapidly. There are factors in the foods that are GMO corrupt, that may contain radiation and that cause cancer. All these factors, which positively affect modern life but negatively affect human health, make it sterile according to experts. According to the researches, % of infertility cases in women and % in men says it’s seen. How does male infertility develop? How does modern life affect male infertility? Let’s see. Causes of Infertility in Men How does modern life affect male infertility? Before moving on to the question, we need to be informed about the general symptoms of infertility. Infertility is a problem that can be seen in both men and women. Problems in the reproductive organs, not only in the testicles, but also in areas such as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, where reproduction begins, can also cause infertility. But in general, the most common situations include: Healthy sperm production For fertilization of eggs, there must be healthy sperm. At least one of the testicles, which continue to develop rapidly in adolescence and contain large numbers of sperm, must contain healthy sperm. Infertility is seen in cases such as weak sperms and lack of sperm. Hormone production starting in the brain The beginning of reproduction in the brain and the fact that the brain is the main source of hormones, effects. As long as testosterone and other hormones that work to support sperm production do not work, male infertility is seen. Sperm transport to the canal Fertilization occurs when the sperm reach the semen. However, the sperm that cannot reach these channels are unfortunately the result of infertility. ) Some drugs can cause infertility Some drugs used in the past may affect the male reproductive system. Drugs such as cancer drugs and ulcer drugs can affect fertility and cause infertility. Chromosome problems If instead of one X and one Y, two Xs If you were born with a Y chromosome, that is, if you were born with Klinefelter’s syndrome, there may be abnormal developments in your male reproductive hormones. Undescended testicle problem In infancy Although it is a problem experienced, the problem of undescended testicles occurs as a result of the testicles being located in the abdomen or groin area and not falling into place. If you had an undescended testicle problem at a young age and it was not treated, it is difficult for you to have a child.

How Does Modern Life Affect Male Infertility? The effects of modern life, which we can also call environmental reasons, seriously affect my health. Although the advancement of technology brings great developments in terms of humanity, it causes many negativities up to infertility.

Anadolu Health Ataşehir Surgical Medical Center Urology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Semih Özkan, “Sperm cells are formed by rapidly dividing and multiplying. A structure that reproduces so rapidly becomes much more sensitive to external factors. Sperm production can be damaged, deformity, deterioration of sperm viability or a decrease in number can also be observed. It seems inevitable that a system that can be affected so quickly will be affected by harmful factors such as radiation. Mobile phones and laptops Now in our daily life Cell phones, with which we do all our work, have replaced small computers. This miracle of technology, which we use constantly and carry in our pocket, can cause infertility if carried in the front pocket. Although it is not certain, according to experts, the mobile phone you carry in your front pocket can have negative effects on the testicles with the heat of the radiofrequency waves. Laptops have the same effect.

The effect of smoking on infertility With the early onset of the habit in the modern era and triggering infertility in men, smoking It is said that things containing nicotine, such as nicotine, cause infertility. Smoking, which invites many diseases, during adolescence; When used during the most active and proliferating period of sperm, it can have a greater effect on advancing ages. Foods in the modern era Fast Food understanding In the period when it became widespread, the presence of additives such as GMOs in vegetables that change the structures is among the most basic beginnings of an unhealthy diet. Although there has been a decrease in these rates with the return of people to a more natural life in the last two years, new generation nutrition causes infertility. Assoc. Dr. Semih Özkan said, “These foods cause overproduction of oxidative derivatives in the body. If oxygen is not burned well in the body, more waste materials called peroxide, which also affect aging, appear. While these substances increase the quality of sperm when they remain in a certain amount, if they are in excess, they deteriorate the quality and cause breakage on the DNA.” While such fractures cause infertility, excessive coffee consumption is also among the factors causing infertility. Heavyweight sports of the modern era With the progress of body development in the modern age, heavy sports activities have also increased. Powders used by people who want to build muscle quickly, in excess of synthetic androgenic substances; It prevents the release of testosterone by signaling the areas in the brain that stimulate the testicles. As a result of this, irregular testosterone secretion and infertility effect are seen together with its not being released on time. What are the Symptoms of Infertility? Infertility symptoms in men are not self-evident symptoms. This is the biggest symptom if you have unprotected sex and cannot have children. However, signs of infertility in men can be seen as: )Sperm weakness and low sperm count Hormonal and chromosomal disorders Cyst in testicle With pain in testicle swelling together Sexual dysfunctions Testicular problems after surgery Like this cases of infertility. If you see a dominant symptom and cannot have a child despite having unprotected sexual intercourse, we strongly recommend that you go to the doctor. Tests Applied Before Entering the Treatment Process With the advancement of technology, treatment processes continue to develop in a way that will give easy and successful results. it does. Infertility treatment seems possible in people who do not experience severe infertility thanks to needle treatments or treatments such as medication. The steps taken by your doctor before these processes may be as follows. Asking questions about your sexual life and genetic history Detection of conditions such as sperm status, low sperm count, descent into the canal and infection by semen analysis Examination of necessary ultrasound images Hormone tests Urine test Biopsy Genetics tests We would like to emphasize how important factors for infertility are the technological developments, activities and foods that threaten our health in the modern era. How does modern life affect male infertility? We answered the question for you. We learned how effective the use of technology tools and a healthy life on male infertility. Do not forget that if you have doubts about infertility, you should definitely go to a doctor, otherwise you should use and consume consciously what modern life has to offer. What are the Foods and Substances that Increase Infertility Risk?: kisirlik-riskini-artiran-gida -and-items-what are/

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