The Art of Brewing Tea: Arnica New Infused Style Rose Tea Maker Review & Reviews


If you like to drink tea, you must have a tea machine in your home. Models that have developed quite recently and that add usability advantages to their design also make tea cooking even more enjoyable. If you want to leave behind the problems such as calcification, unfiltered and dripping tea seen in classical teapots, meet Arnica’s popular model Yeni Demli. Arnica has turned tea brewing into an art, which you will not want to take away from your hands to brew fresh and delicious teas all the time. Rose color and aesthetic design will add light to your kitchen! Here is the Arnica New Brewed Style Rose tea maker review and reviews.

Arnica’s historyTurkey’s popular brand Arnica has taken the task of designing practical and functional products to improve the daily life of users. Among the small household appliances he developed in the kitchen, there are also food processors and mixers. These products, which make cooking easy and enjoyable, are user-friendly as they are compact and light in design. A company that allocates a large budget for R&D studies 50 years of experience leaving it behind. As a result of always striving for better and higher quality, it gains success abroad as well as in Turkey. Arnica, which has managed to make its name known in different countries today 50, continues to develop and grow. .

What are the technical features of Arnica New Brewed Style tea machine?Technical features of this model -2200 W power range stands out. Although you can choose between different operating modes, both of them provide energy savings. Brewing tea that is both fast and delicious will save you time. Another favorite feature is that it boils water silently. A must for your kitchen is ready to cook your tea with the new brewed rose color! If you want to review, we have listed the remaining technical features below.

WCapacity 1.5 liters Without nylon filter Non-drip (Anti-drip) feature Light indicator Arnica New Brewed Style tea How is the machine design?While the color factor is important in the design of this model, it is necessary to mention the handles that provide easy handling. At the same time, the wrapping feature, which saves the trouble of cables, will save you space while keeping it in the closet. The water reservoir capacity is just as wide, and your tea is always ready for long conversations!

What’s in the box of Arnica New Brewed Style tea machine?Tea in the box content of this model The lower water boiling chamber and the upper brewing chamber of the machine come with it. The lower power base is also shipped, ready for immediate use. By reading the user manual that comes out of the box, you can find all the information you need to pay attention to before use.

Plastic-free filterFilter and bottom base that do not come into contact with plastic during water boiling The secret of healthy and delicious teas. Paying attention to this in this model, plastic is not included in the filter parts. In this way, you can use it for a longer time and you will not see the harmful effects of plastic. The main material used in this model is stainless steel. The stainless steel used in its body and filters is suitable for use for many years!

Exact solution to the dripping problemOne of the troubles experienced while pouring tea is dripping. Unnecessarily dripping teapot causes tea stains on the table. Arnica offers anti-drip feature to serve tea cleanly. While serving your tea, it will not drip and the place will not be dirty. The tea filter compartment located on the top of the brewing system allows you to easily clean the tea leaves after brewing. Freshly brewed teas over and over are possible thanks to Arnica. Perfectly brewed and easy-to-serve teas every time!

No cable messYou can wrap Arnica’s power base to get rid of cable clutter. Thanks to this design, you can also adjust the length of the cables yourself. This feature will come in handy for easy storage in kitchen cabinets even when not in use. To talk about the water capacities of this model, the lower water tank is 1.5 liters. You can brew more than 1 liter of tea at the maximum water level in each use.

Safely hot Who knows how many more glasses will be drunk after the tea service. Keep your tea always ready and always hot while you chat. The reduction in energy consumption is another user-friendly feature. To talk about safety measures, this model has the feature of not working without water. For those who forget, this is extremely good news. The lights on the on and off buttons can also guide you.

Arnica New Brewed Style Tea Machine Frequently Asked QuestionsArnica New Brew in Turkey It was very popular and everyone could easily get it because of its price. If you are looking for answers to your questions, you can also benefit from the frequently asked section.

Automatic keep warm feature do you have?


Is there a cable rewind slot?

Does the model have an internal filter part that absorbs the filter?


Is it suitable for use in dishwasher?


Is there a drip and leakage prevention system?


Arnica New Infused Style Tea machine user comments We have briefly compiled user comments about this model for you to examine the model more closely. Before you buy, you can take a closer look at the images and features to find out what awaits you, and you can quickly buy it on Amazon if you want. Just click here to go to the product.

Very useful and high quality

We are very, very pleased. Because we have been in search of a tea machine for a long time. Arnica tea maker; Among its counterparts in the market, it works at a very low decibel sound level and adds a different quality to the kitchen with its stylish appearance. Moreover, it heats the tea water very quickly, and then continues to heat the water at a quiet working idle. Moreover, the taste of the tea is quite good. The current capacity of both the teapot and the bottom water heater is quite high and sufficient. If you prefer INOX color, this color can be used on finger, water, etc. as in all products. Traces are inevitable. However, it can be cleaned immediately. 1962

Super product

The capacity of the upper teapot is excellent. I didn’t expect it to be this big. Looks great in use and all other aspects. They wrote that the lid is hard closed, but it is quite normal that it opens and causes problems when pouring tea.

I advise

I tried it right away, it boiled the water very fast, the tea was brewed well, it’s big in size too Ideal for large families. The exterior color is legendary. It does not pour water or tea, it is nice to pour into glasses. So I recommend it to those who will buy it.

I am satisfied in general

It makes very delicious tea. It is a little big in size compared to a normal tea shop, ideal for crowded families. It boils very fast and brews very fast. The only downside is that it is a bit difficult to clean, the bottom part has limescale in 1 week of use, it needs to be cleaned well every time, but in general, I am very satisfied. )

Glad I chose it

To my dowry I bought it, I brewed my first tea today. The color is very beautiful, I already made a rose set in arnica. Some people said that the top cover is hard to close, but I think it’s not that hard, it sits when you press it a little, I was afraid when I bought it, but I’m glad I chose it. The top cover is also compatible with the bottom one and you can use it as a kettle. It was delicious in tea. Great for tea lovers inside.

I am satisfied

The color is exactly as in the image, the size is wide as it is said in the comments. There were a few stains at the bottom of the teapot, but we didn’t care much because it was on the inside, the plastic lid part and the hard insertion and removal of the lid was bad for us. Other than that, the product is fine. It keeps the water warm and brews the tea nicely. Finally, we thought it was a bit too loud, it is announced to those who have sound sensitivity.

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