Smart Watch with HarmonyOS 2.0 / Huawei Watch 3 Pro Review


We are reviewing the Watch 3 Pro, which comes with Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2 operating system and has become fully smart.


Came. ­čśÇ @mr-paramedic Edit: As a Watch GT2 Pro user, I couldn’t see enough improvement to change the watch. It doesn’t even have the ability to answer incoming messages by voice. The battery life, which is the most important feature of Huawei, has also gone back. It’s three times the price.

Mr. Paramedic @mr-paramedic

I swear it came. 2019 lira. Good job ­čśÇ the battery life has gone way back. Gt2 Pro is better for me. I don’t go through Gt2e though ­čÖé

) Pope Emeritus @pope

I really wonder what they rely on for making it more expensive than the Apple Watch.


relying on what? Huawei does not have self-confidence, King Arthur ­čÖé , you will buy a device and the most important services are not available in one brand, but the price is higher than other brands, it is impossible to explain it with confidence, self-confidence or something.

cherry @kirazerik

No one buys them with this tax at this rate. Anyway, let me give the classic technosey response. No matter what happens, we get stoned. Good review, thank you. The best in this kind of products is teknoseyir

Pope Emeritus @pope

No extra tax burden on watches, even cheaper than EU most watches. For example Apple Watch S6 3475976 EUR is in the EU but we are the 3rd . It is just expensive compared to countries like USA and Canada.

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