Hello there. Our topic is fires, unfortunately! Marmaris, Mersin, Antalya…

We are in different cities, but we are hurting, we are short of breath…

The efforts we have put in for years turn into ashes…

I would like to advance my article by asking questions:

1.No matter what religion we have, why start a fire that will harm others, indirectly ourselves, without thinking about the place we live in? To become so disgusting…

2.Is there a distinction between disasters in any country? Isn’t the world we live in alone? Why to think about so much money…

3. Why do politicians just rant and do incomplete things for the result as usual?

4.Dozens of houses , hurt family; extinct endemic species; animals that die…are they so insignificant?

5. Why are only the cork, the law… students are directed to the fire department, for example, not to forest engineering?

There are many questions to be asked, many answers are expected. .

I wish it wasn’t like this, friends; If only it weren’t so for the people to accept the course of the country and to open the eyes of the people in this way… But it happened. My motivation is this: Be the best in your profession, be an example person, and be an inspiration to young people. Have economic power so that you can help someone.

And my request is that you do not forget these days!


YouTube:Dt.Şaziye KAPLAN

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