Robovacuum S2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review & User Reviews


In this age, where we have a lot of time problems and cannot find time to spare for ourselves from the hustle and bustle of business and daily life, technological developments in smart devices continue to provide us comfort by producing solutions to various problems in our daily life. One of the smart devices that claim to provide us with the time we can spare for ourselves is smart robot vacuums. Having a smart friend to whom you can entrust your home or office gives you more benefits as your smart friend becomes functional. Let’s start by introducing the manufacturer first. This brand named Hubsan, fed by a platform where it manufactures innovative products by offering ideal solutions to make users’ lives easier, states that it consists of people who think that human time is more valuable than ever, and aim to produce smart robots for customers that can do your work for you.

We find it important to introduce the manufacturer in order to arouse confidence in the consumer. We can start the introduction by conveying the general features of the device.

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What are the technical specifications of Robovacuum S2?Product Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Usage Area : Hard Floor+Carpet

Dimensions: 310x150x90 mm

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh

Running Time: 90 min

Clearable Area: 150 m2

Noise Level: -1500 db

Hepa Filter:

Cyclone Filter: No

Wet Mopping: Yes

Powder Capacity: 750 ml(+120 ml water tank

Exceedable Height: 20 mm

Auto Charge: Yes

Fall Arrest Sensor: Yes

Mapping: Yes

Robovacuum S2 box contents: Robovacuum S2’s box includes the main body of the robot and the charging station, as well as a It consists of a remote control, a charging adapter, two side brushes, a wet mop cloth and a HEPA filter. Warranty certificate and user manual are among these devices.

Robovacuum S2 device commands: You can instantly manage your cleaning through the application. By remotely managing the device with 6 different cleaning modes, you can activate the smart route, advanced corner cleaning, strong dust capture, as well as wet and dry mopping features. In addition, the device, which is compatible with Google Home and Alexa, helps you activate your robot by simply giving a voice command without messing with anything.

Robovacuum S2 device features: 1800 The Robovac S2 has a vacuum system with a brushless motor and an average drafting capacity. It also offers you a more qualified mapping experience with its infrared obstacle recognition sensors and smart route planning feature. The battery power of this device, which provides more effective results on the edges and corners with its advanced side brush technology, promises no less than the operating time of an average smart robot vacuum. mm’ We can easily say that the ability to overcome obstacles up to 3 meters is an above average performance. The device, which responds positively to the bow-shaped route drawing and the command to clean only the corners, can receive fast updates via OTA and renews itself continuously. Its claim is not only to remove dust, but also to attract large particles in turbo mode. The water-controlled wet mop is 120 ml’ with the help of an innovative micro processor. It can easily control the water tank. Anti-bacterial mop cloth also helps with this. S2, which can clean up to m2 in silent mode 120, and in turbo mode 50 an area of ​​m2

Robovacuum S2 pros and cons: At this stage, the device’s positive and


+ Suction power

+ Mopping feature

+ Very reasonable price

+ Mapping

+ Silent use Cons:

– Low battery life

– Thick enough not to go under some furniture

Is it worth the price? 1000 Robovacuum S2 gives you a real price-performance device experience with its price even below TL. If your budget is the most limited amount and you are looking for something in the price range of the product, Robovacuum S2 offers you 925’s worth of TL. It stands at your bedside as a smart robot vacuum cleaner that offers some features that you cannot even see on other devices.

Robovacuum S2 user comments: Now, we share with you some of the detailed experiences on the comment pages of the model:

“It is a problem to find the product in stock. I bought the Pro model for myself and this for my mother. My first impression is that the product is of better quality than I expected. I did a little test for traction and it pulled the tea grains just fine, not leaving a single one. It didn’t take me long to pair it with the application, but there isn’t much function in the application, it only does timed cleaning and back and forth, circular cleaning. I tried to see if it would return to the charging station, you know 750 TL device can be anything, it can be done successfully. he did. I don’t think his voice is annoying or even a little bit. It’s nice to have a double side brush, I liked that aspect the most. It has successfully passed my quality appearance and price performance tests, which are important to me.”

“I will evaluate the product as FP. Its brushes are not super, its suction power is normal, but it is successful in collecting dust. I think it is more successful than expensive models in overcoming obstacles, blessed like 4×4. It’s a pity, it’s very weak, when you watch it, it looks like it’s mapping inside as a feature, but it’s useless because it’s displayed in the software, the software needs to be improved or changed. Installation is easy, control is successful, no problem in dark or light, but stunned in direct sunlight. It goes without saying that when you see the dust collected by such a product, which can even be bought with the intention of a toy, it is the most beneficial expenditure you will make on yourself. I did not choose the Pro model because it is high, the lower the model you will buy, the easier it will fit under the armpits. delivery speed was good. I started the robot. He swept the house. It picked up hair and dust. I have a cat in my house, it was very nice for their hair. But it doesn’t clean everything very well. There are places in between that they don’t clean. Corners do not take edges. It doesn’t go under furniture. Six can enter the high ones, mine were not high. His voice is medium. The dust bin is big enough, the mop is not good in my opinion, I had friends who bought it from other expensive robots. If I compare it with the other, I think this robot is the same in price and function. I think there is no need to buy 3 thousand TL and 5 thousand units that do the same job when there is this robot at an affordable price. I’ll try for a few days. If I want to add, I will write again. I would like to add that the battery runs out quickly.120 M2 vacuuming the whole house Charged 2 times. But in the end, it swept well, they need to develop the application urgently, it’s very empty, I need some add-ons”

“I have been using it for more than 1 month, my cat collects hairs as much as a fist during shedding season, every day, but when I first bought it, it was pulling everything, now its performance has decreased a little bit. I cleaned the air filter, but I think there is another filter that the service will open, it’s full, the shot is down, the product speaks Turkish, the application is in Turkish, but when I google, I can’t find the content, how to clean it, etc. I didn’t open it so that the service warranty will not be removed, but there is a small grievance in that part, but the product money is worth the money. net right, there is not much on the internet about finding spare parts, I will contact the authorized dealer when I have to, everything is good now, everything is fine, the performance drop is a bit annoying, but if the cat hair is not the problem, it is used daily.”


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