Reality with expectations


Everything happens outside of expectations and as a result, your plans are turned upside down. If you want to run away when you run out of possibilities as a result of paradox, after you have gone as far as you can, you have moved on with the same conscience and brain, this doesn’t change anything. Going away, wanting to escape from oneself only results in physical fatigue. Life is not worth living after all. The life you can create within your possibilities is not satisfying.

Innate dissatisfaction always goes against what you have. When your mind is full of material that will always remain, you will seek spirituality, spirituality alone does not make you happy. You can never find and live both together.

I don’t believe in absolute happiness. Don’t fool yourself. The only thing that lasts is the sadness itself. There is no such thing as collective sadness, all sadness is individual, you will always complain because you cannot share it. Always bitter, always half-hearted, always thoughtful… Life only puts us in trouble. I’m sure you enjoy this attitude.

I will use a very classic sentence, “If life was good, we wouldn’t cry when we were born”, which you may have heard many times. This is the summary of all the above. The variation between expectations and reality will always make you unhappy, believe me.

If you think you are happy, I would like to suggest you a song “Teoman-Trap”

No effect I wish you good luck even though I know it won’t happen!

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