Quark: What is Quark, which draws attention with its flavor and consistency, and how is it made?


Quark cheese, which is called Quark and has the appearance of strained yogurt, is a type of cheese with a creamy consistency. It is frequently used in local recipes in many European countries, especially in Germany and Russia. Quark cheese, which is not missing from the cabinets, is generally preferred in cakes and desserts. It is definitely present on the breakfast table. Let us remind you that besides being a preferred cheese during the diet, it is also a type of cheese that shakes the budget. In Turkey, the sale of labne cheese with a similar consistency is higher than Quark. The difference between the two is that Quark is made using kefir. So how can we make Quark cheese at home? Let’s take a closer look at the details. You can take a look at our What You Need to Know About Expensive Cheese.Materials For kefir

2.5 liters of milkNatural kefir yeastFor Quark

2 liters of kefir Kefir recipe;2.5 liters of raw milk in double boiler 8/ Boil for minutes. Cover the bottom and wait until the cream binds. Then gently remove the cream from the milk. Allow the milk to cool by mixing until it reaches 30 degrees. Ferment the cooled milk with kefir yeast. If you do not want to prefer kefir yeast, you can take a look at kefir alternatives in the markets. While the fermented kefir is warm, wrap it with a cloth 30 and let it sit for hours. (This step is similar to the yoghurt fermentation process.) After approximately hours, your kefir is ready for the Quark recipe.

Quark cheese making;Transfer the kefir you prepared in the previous step to a debit. Put it in the oven set at 12 degrees beforehand. After an hour has passed, take my debt from the oven. You should see that the part that will be used as a cheese cut separates from its water. We will need a strainer for this step. We fix the strainer on the pot and place cheesecloth on it, and carefully pass the whey waiting in my boron through the cheesecloth. It will be enough to leave it for 3 hours to filter the water well. We squeeze the kefir cheese, which we separated from the water, thoroughly. Let us remind you that it does not contain any additives. Finally, you can store it in the refrigerator. It has a consumption period of 6-7 days. Bon appetit.

What are the benefits of Quark?All natural without any additives Quark, which is prepared with methods, is a very rich type of cheese in terms of nutrient content. Moreover, we would like to remind you that it has many health benefits. Quark is a type of dairy product with high biological value, protein, phosphorus and vitamin B 12. It also contains beneficial bacteria that have a positive effect on the small intestine. However, the number of products sold in processed form in the market has increased. It is necessary to be careful with products that contain sugar and thickeners. It breaks down lactose in the small intestine with the help of bacteria in the quark. It is also very effective in destroying harmful bacteria with the lactic acid it produces. Moreover, these bacteria also benefit the production of vitamin K.

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