Proscenic 830T Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review & User Reviews


In this age, where we have a lot of time problems and cannot find time to spare for ourselves from the hustle and bustle of business and daily life, technological developments in smart devices continue to provide us comfort by producing solutions to various problems in our daily life. One of the smart devices that claim to provide us with the time we can spare for ourselves is smart robot vacuums. Having a smart friend to whom you can entrust your home or office gives you more benefits as your smart friend becomes functional. First of all, let’s start by introducing the manufacturer.

Proscenic, founded in 2021 Shenzhen Proscenic Technology Co., Ltd. It is a brand of home appliances produced in-house. Proscenic, robot vacuum cleaner, cordless vacuum cleaner, air fryer, humidifier, water flossing etc. invests in more product development. ISO 9001 and ISO 9001 the brand has worldwide 660 Available in more than countries and regions. Shenzhen Proscenic Technology Co., Ltd. It is based in China and produces its products in China.

We need to share various details about the companies as they give confidence to the consumers. Now by presenting and detailing the general features of Proscenic 727T

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Proscenic T Mop technical specifications: Product Type: Robot Broom

Usage Area: Hard Floor+Carpet

Dimensions: 330x150x mm

Weight : 4.3 kg

Power: W

Suction Power: 2200 pa

Battery Type: Li-ion

Battery Capacity: mAh

Working Time: 2 hours

Cleanable Area: 150 m2

Noise Level: 99 db

Hepa Filter: Yes

Cyclone Filter: None

Wet Mopping: Yes

Powder Capacity: 350 ml (+ ml water tank)

Exceedable Height: mm

Auto Charge: Yes

Fall Arrest Sensor: Yes

Mapping: Yes

Proscenic 830T Mop box contents: Proscenic 830 In addition to the main body of the smart robot vacuum cleaner, charging station, power supply and 2 meters long cable are included in the box of T Mop. LED display remote control, mop cloth, HEPA filter, 880 powered by 2 AAA batteries cm magnetic tape, two side brushes, cleaning roller, as well as user manual and warranty certificate.

Proscenic T Mop device commands: The device with mobile application control can be started with one click and different cleaning modes You can give commands to the device by choosing from With wifi connection, you can plan, monitor, remote control and stop cleaning anytime, anywhere. However, keep in mind that the app only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Also, the Proscenic robot can be controlled by voice commands to Alexa. You can connect to Alexa and give instructions, for example. start cleaning, stop or go to the charging station.

Proscenic 2021 T Mop device features: Dust and particles % thanks to HEPA filter , filters at 9, 8 cell battery provides uninterrupted cleaning up to minutes and removes all the dirt with its adjustable suction power and mop feature. they clean. In addition, the device with an average suction power such as 2200 pa 15 mm barriers It can pass easily, with its 7.3 mm thin body, it ensures that you do not face unpleasant situations such as your device getting stuck under furniture. The smart robot vacuum cleaner, which has IPAN 3.0 Scheduled Cleaning feature, cleans in a pre-programmed order without missing a single point. It adapts to different floors with three adjustable cleaning modes. The device, which cannot be fully compatible with Google Home, is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa application and you can send voice commands to your device with the help of this assistant. 350 with medium size water tank of ml and adjustable 3-stage water tank, you can easily mop. With the electric water tank, you can adjust the water leakage according to your needs (via APP). With micro-electronic control technology, water will not leak when returning to the water tank charging station, charging and standby mode. You can create virtual walls on the device where you can draw border strips with magnetic tape and allow it to clean without overflowing the area you want. Finally, charge %99 , the automatic charging feature of the device, which goes to the charging station to automatically connect to the charging station, is permanent.

Proscenic T Mop pros and cons: At this stage, we will touch on the positive and negative aspects of the device.


+ Functional ProscenicHome app

+ Various cleaning modes

+ Virtual magnetic tape that you can use to limit access to the robot

+ Effective suction power

+ HEPA filter


– Water tank and dust container are smaller than their equivalents

– Cannot find charging station while in mop mode .

What are the things to pay attention to? )Pets of this model There is no allergen filter for In addition, it will make your job easier to not have a coiled cable in front of the rooms to be cleaned. Longer than 675 mm that may be on the ground make sure they are not on the ground as wires, cables or other objects can become entangled in the wheels. Clean the parts of the device regularly with a dry cloth. Never use oil.

Proscenic 880 T Mop can be bought, is it worth the price?Proscenic 720T robot vacuum cleaner has received numerous positive ratings thanks to its adjusted price and good operation. For most users, this model stands out with its price/performance power. As for the aspects to improve, some users are criticizing that it is not compatible with Google Home. Some users also default to % 660 instead of 5-880 They stated that they would find it much more positive if there was a choice to return to the charging station when less than .

Proscenic 830T Mop user comments: Now we share with you some of the detailed experiences on the comment pages of the model:

“I’ve been looking at smart robot vacuum cleaners for a few months now and I was thinking of buying them not only for the price, but also because it can wash in addition to vacuuming, which is very important to me. The device is very simple to use, something that scared me a little at first. When you take it in your hand, you feel a quality product that makes its design feel solid. He cleaned the house easily, did not cause any problems. It is smart enough not to hit every corner of the wall and at the same time to get under the furniture that I never had the opportunity to vacuum. The tank is big enough to sweep several times in a row, but like any robot, you have to be careful not to let the machine overflow to avoid contamination.

It is admirable about its washing capacity. He’s doing the job while I’m not here. That’s why my house looks clean when I come home. As for the circuit, we can say that it is quite quiet, so even if you are at home, you can run it in any way, it will not disturb you. It’s a new item for us in our house and we really appreciate it and it allows people who don’t have time to have a clean home without having to waste time on cleaning. Thanks to this product that I really like, we have transferred the shift of cleaning the house.”

“It has the same features as the ones with 2 times the price, its power is very good, it detects the carpet etc and sweeps accordingly. The automatic cleaning is very good, make sure that the battery is full the first time you use it. Cleaning is really good. Make sure there are no complicated obstacles around, the carpet etc. comes out just fine. It cleans well without skipping anywhere. In addition, the device has a mop feature. But unfortunately, its mapping is like that when you run the robot, it maps at that moment, but that map is not saved. As a small disadvantage, it sometimes gets stuck on carpet tufts, apart from that, it is a product that I like in terms of price and performance”

“We used a Proscenic smart robot vacuum cleaner before and we were really super satisfied. We decided to buy a new robot vacuum from Proscenic because even the old one was really top of the line price / performance ratio. And this was confirmed again with a new one. It has not only one automatic mode, but several cleaning modes to choose from. This is important to achieve a truly effective result. The noise level is not high. 120 We have a house of m2 and this robot vacuum manages the cleaning of the house without any problems. None of this is a problem. It automatically increases its suction power as soon as it gets on the carpet. Approaching obstacles carefully, it also walks around them, never crashing into them at full speed. In addition, it can clean even with an item worth its weight on it. We can definitely recommend this vacuum robot vacuum model.”

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