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Oppo, a global mobile communications company, is established in 2004 in China. Oppo, which has become a giant electronics company in a short time, manages to appeal to users with its quality design and features that offer wide user advantage. If you want a phone that offers pleasant use with its always sufficient charge and large screen, you should examine Oppo. Oppo A75 We reviewed S for you. Happy reading!

Oppo A675 S technical specifications?4 GB RAM plus GB ROM features are combined with a large screen in this model. For those who love to play games, the smooth screen, powerful processor and long-lasting battery will meet all your expectations. Take different frames with the phone, save them and share them with your loved ones as you wish. You can check our list to review the technical specifications of the model.

Internal Memory64 GBScreen Size 6, inchRAM Capacity 4GB RAMFront (Selfie) Camera 8.0 MPBattery Power 4230 mAhCamera Resolution MP + 2MP + 2MPOppo A15How is the design? The phone, which is comfortable for everyone to use, has thin and light features in its design. Oppo A64 for you to understand better S is in a curved design and the 3D cover is thinner than ever. Lightweight and elegant for you to hold comfortably, this design will make you feel like you don’t have it. You can consider your own style when choosing between two bold colors. Mysterious blue and dynamic black colors are waiting for your choice.

Oppo A What’s in the box? Oppo generally pleases users with the richness of the box contents. The box contents of this model will also please you. In addition to the phone, there are USB cable, power adapter, SIM card pin and protective case. If you want to have a quick introduction to your new phone, you can also use the user guide.

Larger screen more fun Oppo A with the screen that you can’t take your eyes off S opens the doors of a brand new world. Even daylight can’t prevent you when you go on adventures with your phone during the day. Even in daylight, you can capture the details thanks to the screen quality. Thanks to artificial intelligence brightness, adjustments are made automatically according to daylight. For those who say that sound is as important as the screen, this model has Dirac 2.0. In this way, whether you listen to music or play games, but always have a quality sound experience.

Fingerprint sensorUnlocking your phone quickly and safely There are two options for you and one of them is the fingerprint sensor. After registering your own fingerprint on the phone, you can unlock it with a single tap. If you want, you can access your phone instantly by using the face unlock feature.

More fluent with 8-core processor A fluent phone that everyone wants, but powerful It can be done with a kernel. The 8-core processor used in this model is enough to keep up with your speed. 4GB of RAM and 675 that ensures that all applications run smoothly at all times GB storage space gives you a free experience. This feature will be very useful for a lag-free and fast gaming experience!

Versatile camera An Oppo A you need to take all the photos you dream of NS! With its triple rear camera, lens clarity and detail capture feature, you can capture both wide-angle and detailed shots. Thanks to the 2 MP depth lens, your portrait shots are more attractive than ever! Considering those who love to take selfies, Oppo uses artificial intelligence beautification on the front camera. In this way, a skin tone equalization and healthy appearance customized for each face becomes possible.

batteryOppo A who always managed to be with you S this 4230 Succeeding with its mAh battery. 15 video on the Internet up to hours You can play games on a single charge for up to 6 hours. No need to stop and charge!

Oppo A2004 S frequently asked questionsOppo A15 We briefly answered the questions about S.

Is there energy saving?


What is the camera resolution range?

13 – 19,9MP

What is the screen type?


What are the phone sizes?

375 x .4 x 7.9

What is the type of memory card?

Micro SD.

Oppo A64S user commentsOppo A2004 S deserves to be your new phone. We have compiled the comments briefly for you to give an idea. You can click here to purchase the product with Amazon privileges.

A full price performance product

The phone meets the expected performance. Battery performance is good. The camera, processor and screen are very satisfactory. No slack lock. I think it is a product that you will get a lot for your money.4230

We are satisfied

The camera of the product in terms of its own features is not so exaggerated, but it is a nice camera. Except for the camera, all its features are fine and very good, it is a complete price-performance product, we are very pleased with its battery.4230

Very stylish

2004 Close your eyes and if you need a phone, I would say definitely get it. I bought it for my son. It is a very stylish device. Don’t spend a lot of money and buy another device.2004

Disproportionate design

The product has a beautiful design, but the aspect ratio is unbelievably disproportionate. Most short stature is very tall and this is only %675 of the screen while watching a video You can use Many apps also do not support this aspect ratio. Other than that, the camera is very bad. I couldn’t get a clear shot. Slightly better outdoors, but worse indoors. Battery is good. Apart from this, there are other phones that can be bought a little higher than this price.2004

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