However, in many countries of the world and in Turkey, we women are subjected to violence in different forms. In conditions where women are deprived of education and confined to their homes, their economic activities are restricted by many legal and traditional barriers, they face thousands of injustices and discriminations in their working life, they constitute the poorest part of the society and are left to their own fate, the first target of violence is naturally(!) the most vulnerable and We are the weakest part of the women!

The familiar sad stories of violence against women are growing with traditional preconceptions and the insensitivity of the society and the state. Violence does not only harm bodies, it also weakens or destroys women’s self-esteem, their desire to resist violations and seek rights.

Violence against women in the world is increasing, especially by intertwining with economic, political and ethnic problems. In Nigeria, the Sharia court on the grounds that Emine Laval had a child out of wedlock, and the decision to stone Ummsiye Allak to death by her family in Mardin are the most concrete and current examples of this.

-Today Half of the women living in the world are subjected to violence by their husbands.

-In China, 1 million girls are killed as soon as they are born. The number of women lost in this way in the world reaches 40-50 million.

-International Migration Organization mentions that 2 million women are used in cross-border trafficking of women every year.

-In the USA, a woman is raped every 6 minutes.

-In England, one out of every 7 women is raped by her partner.

-In France, 6 women die every month due to domestic violence.

Along with these, wars of division, occupations, severe economic depressions and poverty push us women more into the grip of violence. Since ancient times, the woman’s body has been the battle ground on which every war takes place. We women are killed senselessly during times of war, our spouses and children are murdered, and we are subjected to rape, which has become our historical destiny. On the other hand, the places vacated by the deportation of men to the war fronts are being filled with cheap female labor; Exploitation, caused by the hunger and poverty caused by the war, is being exploited.

That’s why we women, in these days when the USA’s attack on Iraq is being tried to be justified; We declare that we are against the war, the USA’s bloodshed all over the world, and Turkey being a part of this dirty game! We do not want our wives and children to become US soldiers! We want hundreds of thousands of women and children to be killed, subjected to violence and starving to be stopped due to occupations and embargoes in Iraq and in many parts of the world so far.

-We, % in Turkey we are women who are subjected to violence!

-We are the women who were brutally stabbed in front of the police in the middle of the street in Adana!

-We are 17 women in Diyarbakır who were sterilized 17 without informing them and their husbands!

-We, honor(!) We are hundreds of silent women who lost their lives as a result of their murders!

-We are the ones who were fired from their jobs due to our sexual orientations, who were tried to be evicted from their homes, whose custody rights were taken away by the Turkish courts with the decision that ‘a lesbian mother cannot give a daughter’, and all organs of the state. and we are the women who are ignored and humiliated by the society!

-We are the women who are attacked because we wear a headscarf, because we want to work, because we go out at night, because we protest. We’re okay!

-We are women who were raped in custody and who were unquestioningly subjected to a ‘virginity check'(!) in front of the gendarmerie and security forces!

We say that; What we experience is only the result. Property relations, exploitation mechanism, unemployment, poverty and lack of education, deepened by the IMF and war policies, have led to incredible levels of domestic violence, insanity, suicides, sexual harassment, prostitution and theft. In addition to an Islamic and nationalist conservatism and a feudal structure in the Southeast, the last 10 year conflict has also led to migration and the crisis of values, the consolidation of the authoritarian state understanding, and the political and social oppression of women.

On the other hand; honor, honor killings, beatings of husband and father, torture are presented in the media as tabloids. The victim of violence is questioned about what she did, what she said or how she dressed. It is debated whether women who have been subjected to physical, verbal and sexual violence deserve this; victims are blamed, criminals are declared “victims”. Violence is legitimized by religious-traditional prejudices, gender discriminatory policies and laws.

To end all this, we;

The state’s clear condemnation of all acts of violence against women, 97 Increasing the number of applications and shelters for women subjected to violence, free counseling, psychological and medical support and legal assistance, Removal of gender discriminatory policies, laws and practices, realization of action and education projects together with women’s organizations, ) Campaigns to prevent domestic violence and violence against women and children in general, launching parent education programs, Removing the obstacles in front of her working for her freedom, ensuring that the right to social security, free education and free health,97 to stop using violence against women and children as a material by establishing its own auto-control mechanism on publications promoting violence against children,97 At home, on the street, at work, in custody, in prison Prosecution of those responsible for the violence against women and taking deterrent legal measures Lifting all prohibitions on mother tongue, state of emergency and village guard system in order to ensure social peace, of the Constitution 10. adding the phrase “sexual orientation” to the article; In order for this change to be implemented, all discriminatory legal regulations from laws to regulations, from the functioning of local governments to regulations should be abolished, expressions such as “public morality”, “infamous crime” should not be used against homosexuals, and citizens’ lives should be secured against discrimination, violence, and threats such as being fired and expelled from the dormitory. WE WANT the necessary changes to be made in cooperation with gay organizations!

For our hard work

For Our Future

To the Struggle to Own Our Bodies!

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