“There is not much law in the series.” We have come across this phrase quite often lately. Maybe you have often come across psychology-themed TV series about psychologists and psychology students who raise their voices for professional law. Well, have you ever thought about this subject? Let’s ask a few questions for those who do not think and do not come across: Did you know that psychologists do not have a professional law? Do you think a professional law is necessary for psychologists? Why is it necessary or why not? If you’ve come this far, let’s think about these questions.

Imagine that you go to an office to have your broken leg plastered, the person in front of you says that he is a doctor and can treat you, but the person has not graduated from medical school. He has only read a few books on fracture dislocations. Maybe he trained for a few months. Would you entrust yourself to this person? Would you let him cast your leg? If you encounter a situation like this example, the condition of your leg will not improve, and if you go to a psychologist who does not study psychology, you cannot expect your mental health to improve.

Psychologists and the psychology department have come to the fore especially with the increase in psychology-themed TV series recently. Maybe a new one is added to the students whose dream is to study psychology and help people. Well, is the reality like in the TV series?

Let’s take a high school senior whose dream is to gain psychology today. This student will set a goal for himself and will make an effort to get a little closer to his goal every day. He will study day and night for months to realize his dream. When the time of choice comes, he will choose his university with great excitement and will be on the road to his dreams. From that point on, everything will be fine because the results have been announced and the school has been won. In the first year of the university, there are students whose eyes shine with hope at that time, eager to learn, at the very beginning of the road, but with a great motivation to complete the road. So what are the difficulties on this path? Here, the subject mentioned in this article concerns everyone who has been on this road for many years and the lives they will touch.

Of course, every department and every profession has its own difficulties. But the difficulty mentioned here is actually a situation that should not exist. This situation harms psychologists and the science of psychology. Since there is no professional code for psychologists, this area is clearly violated. It will continue to be violated unless the professional law is enacted.

Today It is possible to meet a large number of clinical psychologists who do not have a license in psychology or even have nothing to do with psychology. These people complete their undergraduate education in different departments and start doing therapy by completing a clinical psychology master’s degree. But this is not a healthy situation. In order to become a clinical psychologist, individuals must graduate from a psychology degree from universities. The training in both courses and activities taken during undergraduate education is a requirement in order to have sufficient equipment. In addition, the number of individuals who attend several trainings and accept clients under the names such as “life coach” is quite high.

Psychology has nothing to do with life coaching, love doctor or aphorisms. Psychology is a science. Those who are interested in psychology as a hobby, who share various words about psychology on social media, who read psychology-themed books, who watch TV series, and who do not have a psychology license and collect documents by attending various trainings and seminars are not psychologists. Psychologists are individuals who have graduated from a 4-year psychology undergraduate education at universities. A clinical psychologist, on the other hand, should be the title of individuals who have completed their clinical psychology master’s degree after 4 years of psychology undergraduate education.

Psychologists and psychology students work together to overcome this challenge. Everyone is trying to be made aware of this. The number of individuals who ask for their diploma when they go to a psychologist is increasing day by day. However, this situation cannot be completely eliminated with awareness. A professional code that sets boundaries is essential for psychologists. Unless a professional law is enacted, this situation will gradually increase.

As we mentioned above, this situation concerns not only individuals with a psychology license but also other individuals from all segments of the public. It is clear that those who declare themselves psychologists by attending only a few trainings and reading three or five books will not be able to help the clients who come to them and they are likely to worsen their condition.

In the past, Turkish people did not attach much importance to words such as “psychologist, therapy” or regarded them as special needs. However, it has been realized that these concepts are a human need as much as bread and water, especially with the TV series that have become very popular recently. Psychology has ceased to be a “mad science” and has become a normalized and important field. The disadvantage of this situation is that the science of psychology, which could not protect itself from fake psychologists and life coaches even when it was not that popular, is now under an even greater threat.

The increasing number of TV series are the platforms that support the public to have an opinion on these issues. Unfortunately, these serials, which are often the scene of ethical violations between the therapist and the client, can draw the wrong image of “therapist, psychologist” in the minds of the public. Now let’s take a look at the characters who play the role of psychologist-therapist in these very popular TV series.

Kids Don’t Hear, Sinan Bey-Meltem Hanım:

One of our first memories was Sinan Bey, the psychologist of Meltem lady in the TV series “Children Do Not Hear”, and her indispensable line was “I understand”. In addition, he was constantly displaying stereotypical behaviors that would form in the minds of the people with the words “Let’s go down to Haluk’s childhood”. However, Meltem’s character going to therapy and talking about her daily problems drew the profile of a conscious mother and wife. Thus, the audience had the opportunity to observe that therapy helps us to feel good about ourselves.

Fi, Can Manay:

The book “Fi”, written by our so-called psychologist Azra Kohen, was adapted into a TV series. Although there were many psychologists in the TV series “Fi”, the main character was a sociopathic psychologist named Can Manay. “Why are you here, who are you?” Can Manay, who is famous for his lines such as his own clinic and teaching psychology at a university, was also most famous by doing therapy on live broadcast. It’s unethical to use it. In his personal life, he manipulated people and exerted power over them. He was using his patients and people, hurting them. The interesting thing is that Can Manay didn’t even have a real diploma. Just like those very popular fake psychologists, self-helpers and life coaches today. Such people can not only become famous therapists, but also become the voice of society speaking to the public. As in the example of Can Manay, fake psychologists are taken as role models and misled by the masses with their idiosyncratic expressions and their idiosyncratic attitudes.

Even the glasses that Can Manay wore in the series supported the misconception of our people that psychology is Freud.

Another, Fairy and Mary:

Another series about psychology is Another. It was a series that was talked about a lot and that reflects people from every part of Turkish society psychologically and sociologically. It reflected and conveyed the way repressed emotions, different cultures, beliefs and thoughts were handled. The series was proceeding with Meryem going to psychiatry Peri for therapy. Meryem’s seizures, who had psychosomatic fainting seizures, ended when she went to therapy. Actually what he did was very simple. It was good for Meryem to talk about everyday things and realize that she is an individual. Many people in our country suffer both spiritually and physically as a prisoner of their suppressed emotions. People cannot explain because they are afraid to tell, but they also want to be understood. They are afraid of being judged, criticized, humiliated, saying the wrong thing, and not conforming to the norms of the society they live in. Without realizing the value of their own differences and thoughts… The place where they can convey all of these in a healthy way should be educated and equipped people in this field.

Even before these serials became widespread, every person belonging to this field thought that they knew a lot about psychology. Now, the viewers of the series are on the way to declare themselves therapists with these series, regardless of misdirections and ethical violations. This needs to be prevented, prevented and implemented by people who are truly trained.


Human mental health is not an issue to be taken lightly. We are all too unique to be summed up in big words and common phrases. We react differently to events in our lives and deal with them differently. Many people who receive their training are aware of this situation and approach it very sensitively. It is necessary to be careful as if walking on a tightrope in an area so open to plunder. But unfortunately, fortune tellers, psychics, homophobic, racist and sexist people who are inadequate in every way are allowed to benefit their mental health (!). TV series, social media phenomena, youtube channels, etc. thousands of people have made it their job to make random comments and guides on human mental health…

Anyone who has the right to entrust their physical health to experts in their field has the right to entrust their mental health to experts in their field. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. The purpose of writing this article is to support the increase in the number of individuals who are aware of this issue. There will be difficulties, of course, but instead of giving up and turning back in the face of them, this road with very beautiful dreams should be completed. Our struggle must continue until the professional law for psychologists is passed. For the future of this field, a professional law should be enacted as soon as possible.

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