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Today we are together again on a very curious subject. With the termination of breastfeeding, mothers are left alone with the question

“So when will my milk be weaned? ”

“How to stop milk production after breastfeeding ends?”, “When will my milk stop?”, “What should I do when my milk comes in?” and many questions are answered in our article! Termination of Breastfeeding Until now, you have established a strong bond with breastfeeding beyond feeding your baby. After today, your baby has grown, has met many of the foods that we adults eat, and maybe even managed to eat on his own

When your baby is 2 years old and now he sits at the table with you and starts feeding with the food you consume, but most importantly, if you and your baby feel ready, you can start breastfeeding termination practices.

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How Should I End Breastfeeding? Discontinue Breastfeeding and the reduction process can often be quite difficult for both mother and baby. Although it is not discussed how important the place of sucking in your baby’s life is, it will make both you and him feel bad to pull him away from this action, which is tightly connected. Therefore, what we will provide is

to realize this separation gradually and ensure that it adapts to every step . This will make this process very easy for both your baby and you.

What are the methods that can be applied when terminating breastfeeding? Many different methods can be applied in the process of terminating breastfeeding. Whichever method you and your baby want to apply, most importantly, whichever method you feel most comfortable with is the most suitable method for you.

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What to do after you stop breastfeeding When is my milk cut off? When is your milk It depends on how often and how much your baby breastfeeds or how much you express your milk, in short, your breastfeeding routine. It would not be correct to specify a clear time frame as this period will vary from person to person .

If you stop breastfeeding suddenly, your milk will continue to come in its normal flow for a certain period of time. This can cause clogging of the channels and further size

mastitis .

This process is also very important for your milking habits. If you are still expressing your milk frequently and emptying your breast completely, as in your baby’s first months, your breast will be constantly stimulated to produce new milk. During the period of termination of breastfeeding, you should express your breast only enough to relax you.

Methods for Drying Milk There are many methods you can apply to suppress and stop your milk production. You can suppress your milk production with both small applications you will make and some foods you will consume.

Cold Compress Considering that the hot compress has the effect of activating the milk ducts and supporting the milk secretion, the cold compress is on the contrary. It is known that it has an effect that will reduce milk production activity. With cold compress, your milk ducts will narrow and your milk flow will slow down.

You can put ice on your chest wrapped in a towel at certain times during the day . You can also apply the cold compress by taking a slightly cold shower.

Lemon Massaging the chest with a half-cut lemon several times a day with circular movements is one of the alternative methods applied to cut milk. You can also apply this method together with cold compress.

Slightly Pressing When Milk Leaks Your mammary glands and the prolactin hormone mechanism that produces milk will not be suppressed immediately in this process. You may experience breast milk leaks at unexpected moments from time to time. At such moments, gently pressing your nipple with your hand without stimulating it will cause the milk to recede.

You can use a breast pad to prevent leaks. You should change the pads frequently so that your nipples do not become infected due to wet breast pads.

Preferring Lightly Tight Underwear We recommend loose, loose underwear during breastfeeding, as we recommend non-loose underwear to suppress milk production. and you can choose underwear with tightness that does not bother you much. You can suppress the prolactin hormone, which is more active at night by wearing a bra at night.

Cold Cabbage Leaf Wrap on Chest Keep the inner leaves of white cabbage in the refrigerator until it cools down and then wrap it around your chest. As soon as you feel the leaves are warming up, you can replace them with new cold leaves. This method will be good for the formation of pain as a result of milk accumulation in your breast.

Preparing Yourself Psychologically No matter how effective your belief in your milk and positive thinking are in activating the oxytocin reflex that provides milk flow during breastfeeding, milk It is extremely important to prepare yourself for this situation during the drying period and to believe that the process will pass comfortably.

Milk Reducing Foods You Can Consume During the Drying Period of Milk Sage Tea Sage tea with milk production mechanism It plays a role in reducing milk secretion by directly affecting the milk.

Parsley Parsley, takes part in removing water from the body and

in the absence of water, breast milk production slows down. You can increase your parsley consumption to reduce your milk production.

Mint Mint and mint tea are also among the foods that reduce breast milk.

Hait Grass Hay grass, It reduces breast milk by inhibiting the activity of prolactin . You can consume it in the form of tea.

Foods Rich in Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 lowers the prolactin level in the body. Starchy vegetables such as potatoes, broad beans, kidney beans, turnips and peas are among the foods rich in vitamin B6.

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Dyt. Seray Tekin

ebebek’s Nutrition and Diet Specialist / Breastfeeding Consultant


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