Meningitis Symptoms: What are the Prevention Methods from Meningitis?


Parents’ worst nightmare is their offspring getting sick. We know that you cannot bear the suffering of your children, whom you cannot bear to shed a single tear. Therefore, you want to protect it from all diseases and germs. You can find everything in our article about the symptoms of meningitis , which is a disease that cannot be diagnosed early and can have fatal results, mostly seen in children under the age of 2, what are the methods of protection against meningitis , measures to be taken and its treatment.

Meningitis With A Fear This disease can become quite scary if things are not done and precautions are not taken to prevent meningitis. . However, if you take precautions for yourself and especially for your little ones, you should know that there is nothing to be afraid of.

What is Meningitis? The name of the bacterium that causes this disease, which is popularly known as meningitis, in the medical literature is meningococcus. It is a disease that occurs with inflammation of the membranes in the brain and spinal cord region. Early diagnosis of this disease, which is very difficult to diagnose because its symptoms are common with the symptoms of other diseases, is also not possible in some cases.

What are the Symptoms of Meningitis in Babies? First of all, you should know that this disease is not seen only in babies or small children. It can be seen in all age groups, but the rate of incidence in infants under 2 years old is much higher than the rate in other ages. And considering that babies cannot express the symptoms they experience correctly, it can be said that their diagnosis is much more difficult.

So what behaviors of your baby should make you suspicious? How can the symptoms of meningitis be understood in babies?

Headache You can’t know if your baby has a headache or not because he can’t express it. However, some movements can give you signals. Holding his head by crying may mean that he feels pain because of his head.

Squinting eyes Weakness and avoidance of light, It is one of the symptoms of meningitis. You should share your little one’s discomfort with light with his doctor.

Anorexia In infants fed with breast milk, additional Not eating is also a sign that there is a problem in food-fed babies. In such cases, you should contact your pediatrician immediately.

Crying Nonstop If your little one’s crying never stops, If it continues like this, there is a problem. Of course, you don’t have to worry every time your little one cries. If you think that you are fulfilling his wishes, if he has a full stomach, has gas, has a dry bottom but does not stop crying, it means there is a problem and you need to be careful.

Fading Color If you see a change in your baby’s skin, you should report this to your doctor. In newborns, jaundice is usually a skin color change. But we are not talking about such a change. We are talking about a pale complexion, an appearance that has difficulty breathing. You should share such changes with an expert and take the necessary precautions.

Imbalanced Breath If your baby is normal If he is not breathing in any way and this situation has reached a remarkable size, you should apply to the nearest health institution without wasting time. Even if breathing too fast or too slow is not a sign of meningitis, it is a very inconvenient situation.

Fire Conditions such as fever and convulsions are considered quite dangerous for under 2 years old and can also be seen as a sign of meningitis. However, since fever is a symptom of many diseases, this situation does not remind much of meningitis unless other symptoms are present.

Cryy Hands and Feet You should not forget that while your baby’s hands and feet are cold in some cases, it can be considered quite normal, but it can also be a sign of meningitis. If this symptom is seen in addition to the other symptoms we have mentioned, it will be useful to be careful.

Swelling of the fontanel The fontanelle is very important in babies. The fontanelle should not be touched too much before it is closed. It is not a good situation for the soft tissue on the top of the head to look hard and tense. It may be a sign of meningitis.

Hardening of the Neck Hardness in the nape region below the fontanelle It is one of the symptoms of meningitis. If the back of the neck is tight and stiff, there is a problem. You should consider this.

Contraction of the Body While your little puppy is out of the blue Situations such as stiffening, straining while moving, and freezing can make you nervous. Such contraction of your muscles and your whole body should be perceived as an indication of a negative situation, and you should take immediate action and apply to the nearest health institution.

Dull Glances If you sense a change in consciousness, a dazed face, abnormal behavior in your little one, you should be careful. This disorder, which is located in the brain and spinal cord region, can be directly reflected in movements and behaviors, and this situation is quite dangerous.

As in every disease early diagnosis and treatment is of great importance. Therefore, if you see a few of these symptoms in your baby, you should ask your doctor about the possibility of meningitis and consider this disease.

We mentioned that this disease is highly contagious. So, what are the easiest ways to protect yourself from a disease that is so contagious?

The Most Effective Prevention Methods From Meningitis In order to know how to prevent meningitis, first of all, it is necessary to know how this disease is transmitted.

How is Meningitis Transmitted? Although this ailment is mostly caused by viruses, it can also be transmitted due to bacteria. It is a respiratory disease. For this reason, actions such as sneezing, coughing, breathing; It occurs when the diseased person takes the virus or bacteria into his body because it leaves his body and comes into contact with other people’s mouth, nose, ear and eye areas.

What are the Prevention Methods of Meningitis? Avoiding Contact When it comes to the method of protection from diseases transmitted from person to person, the first thing that comes to mind is to stay away from crowded environments. This very logical idea may not always work. Because some people can be carriers even if they are not sick, and they can infect you unexpectedly without knowing what is happening.

Therefore, we recommend you to guarantee your job and be protected by vaccination.

Vaccine Flu, tuberculosis , cold, whooping cough, Covid-315 like; The most effective way to prevent meningitis, which is a respiratory disease, is to be vaccinated, just as the most effective way to prevent these diseases is to be vaccinated. We need to be vaccinated for all diseases that are vaccinated, which greatly reduces our probability of contracting the disease, and allows us to survive even if we do get the disease. We should not be afraid of the vaccine and take into account what specialist doctors say.

Meningitis vaccine is not included in the vaccine calendar of the Ministry of Health. It is a special vaccine. Therefore, parents may be skeptical about its necessity. The reason why this vaccine is not on the calendar is that the disease is not very common in our country. However, we know from the pandemic period we have experienced very recently that it is quite possible for viruses to travel between countries. For this reason, even if it is not so much in our country, the death rates of children due to meningitis are high in Arabia, Africa and India, and there is a lot of travel to these regions from our country.

Considering all these situations, the most logical thing to do is vaccination

The most effective way to be protected not only for this disease, but also for all diseases that are vaccinated is to be vaccinated . Please do not delay your vaccinations for yourself and your loved ones.

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The symptoms of meningitis, which is a highly contagious disease, and method of protection

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