She is the first Danish transgender woman and the first woman to undergo gender reassignment surgery at that time. However, before he changed his gender, he was a famous male painter whose first name was Einar Magnus Andreas Wegener. Before Lili changed her gender, that is, Einar Magnusken fell in love with Gerda Gottlieb, whom she met at the fine arts academy, and then they got married. At that time, Einar was an expert in landscape paintings, and his wife Gerda drew fashion magazines.

Einar, when the actress who modeled Gerda’s painting was late, she agreed to model herself in order to help with her painting. As a model, she had to wear socks and heels. This pleased Einar, and it suited him very well. After that, he began to wear women’s clothes. In fact, the actress who was going to model for Gerda’s picture was her close friend and she learned of Einar’s situation. The actress suggested Einar the name Lili. Now she officially introduces herself to everyone as a woman, namely Lili Elbe, organizes events at her home and participates in festivals. When Lili’s wife saw her like this, she was buying clothes and putting on make-up. When he looked at her, he saw how happy and beautiful she was and began to draw him. After that, Gerda drew Lili completely in her paintings and became famous in this way. Elbe has now decided to become a woman and has accepted the sex reassignment operation even though it will be tried on her for the first time. Lili had four operations in two years. Lili was considered a woman now. This caused a sensation in German and Danish newspapers. With the court decision, Lili and Gerdan’s marriage was annulled as they were now two women. Lili then legally changed her name, gender.

She was now a woman and had an affair with a French art dealer whom she wanted to marry and have a child with. Later in 33 the only operation left to complete being a woman was uterus transplant and vaginal canal formation. This happened in surgery. Unfortunately, the outcome of this surgery was not good. His immune system did not accept this and he became infected. This bad situation caused him to die three months after the operation.

This story is available as a movie on the Netflix platform. You can watch it from there.

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