Let the EDGE scanner solve your Math Problems


The origin of the word mathematics is Greek. Mathematics helps us think analytically and have better reasoning abilities. We use mathematical concepts unconsciously in daily life.

Bees, the masters of geometry, build their honeycombs. They use hexagons for The Fibonacci sequence, which is a famous sequence of numbers in mathematics , is found in nature in pine cones, seashells, trees, flowers and leaves and again Pi number can also be observed around us, even ; ‘Mathematics is the language in which God wrote the universe’ – Galileo Galilei, there have been those who said. If you are a student or want to solve Equations that seem complicated to you in a project Microsoft EDGE will help you with this. How to use Microsoft EDGE’s Math solver Built-in with Microsoft EGE To use the math solver, you must first activate it. For this, the first place you need to check is the Settings – Appearance tab in the upper right corner after opening the browser. To access the same place directly, the following You can also use the command edge://settings/appearance When you slide the slider down on the page that opens, you will see the “Show Math Solver Button” feature here turn the button on so that on the left side of the Profile icon in the upper right corner The math icon will appear. If this feature is not available You will need to find and activate the feature from the Flags section
. For this, it is enough to paste the following code in the address line and write the word “Math” in the search field edge://flags When you find the feature, click the drop-down menu Select Enabled.
Then with the button in the lower right corner restart the browser. That’s it, now visit a page with math problem with EDGE browser or write the problem yourself and convert it to PDF then use Chromium edge browser open with. Click on the Mathematics icon in the upper right corner and in the window that opens, click on the ” Click the “Write Math Problem” button.

Here you go Math solver will come, you can write the problem yourself or you can choose it from a web page or Pdf, if you want to select it, ” Select Mathematics Problem ”

Mouse tip will be Crosshair, then select the question (1) and Click the “Solve” button that will appear (2). It will give you both the solution and the graph of the problem. I think it’s a tool that will make it very practical. Please Make sure you are using the latest version of Microsoft EDGE, if not, update it. – How to enable Internet Explorer Mode in EDGE Here

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