Lying has become a symbol of humanity and it seems very difficult to change it… One inevitably finds himself lying. Every person has lies, but you don’t know how it can create an advantage or disadvantage for you in the future. Even if people lie, their lies will come out sooner or later. I think if you have a lie right now, you should go to that person and tell the truth…

I am writing this article because everyone has little lies and these little pink lies can be forgiven. But big lies and harmful lies cannot be forgiven, or even if they are forgiven, resentment will always occur. A lie can be good or bad, an advantage or a disadvantage. In other words, its advantage: It can handle the situation you are in for a short time, and the disadvantage will definitely appear in the future.

Is it possible to live without lying? ) It may or may not be possible to live without lying. But in my opinion, a person can never live without lying. Of course, these little, pink lies are included in the concept of lying…

Of course, I’m not saying that a lie is good, but a lie is bad, but there can be sweet little lies too…

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