How to Dress Babies in Summer?


Parents wrap their little baby up when they are born so that they don’t get cold and sick. But when the hot weather starts, only one question comes to mind: How should babies be dressed in summer? Sometimes the parents make misgivings, and sometimes the family elders interfere with the baby’s dressing. So what is the truth, how should your baby dress in summer? What should be considered when dressing babies on hot summer days? Let’s examine together how to choose clothes for the baby during the day, at night and in holiday places. When Do Babies Get Cold? Before you talk about what you should pay attention to when dressing your baby in summer, what you need to know is when babies get cold. What most people believe for babies is that babies can get cold quickly and get sick. However, after the newborn period has passed, that is, approximately one month after your baby is born, his skin will have learned to adapt to the outside world. The difficulties he experienced in maintaining his body temperature in the first days have decreased considerably. It is even possible to observe that from time to time your clothes start to feel thick and sweat. For this reason, especially in the first weeks, it is necessary to dress the baby one layer more than you, to have socks on his feet, gloves in his hands, a hat on his head, and cover him while he sleeps. However, with the increase in temperatures in the summer months, the body temperature of babies whose sweat glands are not fully functioning yet begins to increase. If the baby is in an extremely hot environment, has not been washed for a long time and is dressed thickly, the sweat gland channels may become blocked, causing some skin problems, especially rash. Therefore

Even if her cheeks, hands and nose are cold, if her neck or skin under the clothes is not cold, it means that your baby is not cold. If your cheeks are red, forehead, palms and neck are moist, your child is sweaty and should be dressed thinner. How to Dress Babies for Daytime in Summer? The first thing to consider when dressing your little baby in the summer heat is how old your baby is.

To the little ones in the newborn period Considering that they may have difficulty in maintaining their body temperature even in summer, thin, cotton, long sleeved and footed overalls should be worn in a single layer. For babies aged 3 months and above, short sleeved tops and long-leg bottoms can be preferred by observing the baby’s reaction to heat. For babies over the age of 1, clothes can be chosen just like adults. Short sleeve t-shirts and short shorts will be ideal for daytime wear. How to Dress Babies at Night in Summer? If your baby is sweating at night in his sleep, you should be careful in choosing clothes. The little ones should be dressed as lightly as possible so that they do not stay in sweaty clothes all night and do not wake up sweating and restless from their sleep. Well what do babies wear in summer? For newborns, sleeping bags made of breathable fabric with long legs and sleeves can be ideal. In addition, thin overalls that cover arms and legs are also suitable. Babies aged 3 months and above can wear a thin pajama over a single layer of long or short sleeved top while sleeping at night. For babies over 1 year old, short sleeved and capri pajama sets can be preferred. If the area you live in has a very humid and hot weather at night, it may be possible for the child to go to bed and sleep with just a top in a comfortable way. Again, depending on the situation, the top of the baby may be covered with a thin muslin or the cover may not be preferred. Things to Consider in Baby Clothing in Summer After mentioning how babies can dress in summer in general, here are the other points that should be considered: Call:

Babies Preferred clothes should be light colored, cotton, linen or organic cotton products. The understanding of wearing layers such as combed cotton over the zipper should be avoided. Babies should be dressed thinly and in one coat. , legs and collars should not be tight and closed. It should be left open for the baby to be comfortable and the skin to breathe. Clothing should not contain azo dyes and harmful chemicals. Synthetic fabric should not be used. Clothes made of sweat absorbing material should be preferred. The clothes are definitely It should not be a tight fit, your baby should be able to move comfortably in the clothes. For this reason, loose clothes should be preferred in summer whenever possible. Products with short sleeves and short legs that the baby can move freely during the day, and thin but closed models that cover the legs and arms in the evenings against the possibility of cold weather should be preferred. Children’s safety is essential in choosing clothes in summer as well as in winter. should be. Clothing products should not contain accessories such as strings, beads, ribbons, zippers, buttons that the baby is at risk of swallowing. Not tightening the ankle when choosing socks for use on cool summer evenings or for newborns, % cotton and comfortable foldable models should be chosen. When going on holiday, long products such as swimsuits and T-shirts should be worn on the baby at the seaside. Care should be taken to ensure that these products are made of fabric with UV-protective properties. In particular, direct sun exposure to the skin of babies younger than 6 months should be avoided in order to prevent sunburns. To get baby vitamin D in the morning from the sun 11: and evening : 11 should be used after. Don’t be fooled by the charm of clothing products. Combinations that may disturb the baby, are produced using polyester and nylon materials and do not offer comfort should be avoided so that they look stylish and beautiful. In sunny weather, baby hats should be used to protect the baby’s head, face and neck. Newly bought clothes should be cut and cleaned before washing them. Easy to put on and take off, practical, soft clothes should be preferred when dressing your baby in order not to overwhelm your baby in the summer heat. The laundry detergent used when washing baby clothes should be chosen carefully, and a product suitable for baby clothes should be used. Otherwise, harmful detergent residues left on the laundry may pass to the baby’s skin when he sweats, causing irritation, itching and allergies. ‘How should babies be dressed in summer?’ The answer to the question is actually quite simple as you can see. As always, it is necessary to choose clothes that will not make your baby sweaty and comfortable during the summer months, and to have a spare layer of clothing with you considering the possibility of getting cold when you are outside. While we are in the summer, we think that the following article may also catch your attention:

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