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You may have anxiety at work, school, market and many other areas. Anxiety is a feeling of stress that develops over time by showing physical symptoms over a subject or situations that remain in the background in our thoughts, trapping us in anxiety and tension. You can understand these changes, which are manifested by the changes in our body and which you go through without understanding the reason for the first time, as your feelings of anxiety and stress increase. Coping with anxiety possible according to experts. You may experience anxiety during childhood, adulthood, pregnancy or in many periods that affect you. How to control anxiety? What is anxiety? We answered questions for you such as

Is Anxiety a Normal Condition? Anxiety can also appear under the name of anxiety. We can say that people with anxiety disorders have increased in recent years. There are many factors that can cause this, such as environmental conditions and human relations. It is quite normal to feel anxious about the events we experience during the day. The human brain wants to protect itself from external influences with anxiety and stress. While doing this, some stress-induced situations may occur in your body.

Coping with anxiety is an automatic defense of your body. It is entirely in your hands to do the coping situation consciously. Shivering in your body when you are stressed, urinating and dilated pupils are just a few of the protection signals your brain has given you. In case of anxiety, while your body reveals these symptoms with a fight or flight tactic, if you have not been able to apply the factors to cope with anxiety, you are experiencing an anxiety problem that turns into panic attack situations. How to Control Anxiety? Anxiety is a situation that everyone experiences and can cope with during the day. The more you magnify this situation in your thoughts, the more stress and anxiety disorder you will experience. But one of the mistakes made is to delay thinking about that thought. On the contrary, according to experts, you need to understand the situation you are anxious about and think about it. Question your opinion Negative thoughts may bother you and you may not want to think about them. Not accepting the emotion by recognizing it, but knowing the ways to cope should be the first step. Avoiding thought traps Go ahead with your anxious thoughts and make peace with them instead of making them a repressed emotion. But what we need to distinguish is; Don’t get caught in thought traps. Thought traps are thoughts that reduce your daily quality of life by connecting bad thoughts or good thoughts to worse ones. The most used thought traps:

Seeing the Future: “We may be good now, but it will get worse, I know.” Black and White Thinking: “Bad things happened. Then the world is a bad place.” Overgeneralization: “Things went badly. It will never get better now, it will even get worse.” Filter: “It doesn’t matter how many people are good. If even one person is bad, we are in a bad situation.” Disaster: “Something bad happened. Now worse things will happen, life will become unlivable.”

Write your thoughts We can avoid thought traps by using some techniques. What we refer to as thought traps are bad thoughts that make you anxious. When it comes to dealing with anxiety, the first thing that comes to mind is to write down the thoughts on a piece of paper. If you feel anxiety at the moment and think you have the strength to write, immediately Take a pen and paper and write your current thoughts directly on paper. Analyze the good and bad situations by writing the bad scenarios you think of in the form of a story on paper.

Finally, write down not only the bad things, but also everything that makes you happy or even excited, on a piece of paper in the form of a list and hang it in a corner of your room. Thus, you will understand that there are not only bad thoughts, but also good things that make you exist. Believe in the power of meditation Meditations that relax the brain and relax the tense body can help with your anxiety. Enrolling in a course or meditating regularly at home will relax you. Regular breathing exercises Breathing exercises can relax your body. There is also a very classic move to do when in a panic; breath. Deep breathing and focusing, which is always an effective method, helps you cope with anxiety. Nutrition and sleep One of the most important factors that relax our brain is sleep and nutrition. Eating meals that will make you feel relaxing and healthy, sleeping regularly and being active during the day will help you release endorphins. Endorphin, which we know as the happiness hormone, is the most effective hormone to throw bad thoughts into a corner. Don’t be afraid to get support Try to get the necessary support from experts in the field such as psychologists and psychiatry. Each individual may have issues that need support. Support is not only on the bad things, but also on the good things you want to share, how to do life planning and anxiety control? It can also be preferred to answer the question.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms In an anxious state, that is, when you experience anxiety, some symptoms that may develop may be as follows: Sweating Body tremor Not knowing what to do with the feeling of panic Heart rate acceleration Urine urgency Fatigue and irritability What is Anxiety in Children? Anxiety problems can be seen in children as well as in adults. How to control anxiety? Let’s say that the question is very important for children. If anxiety is not prevented in children, psychological disorders and panic attacks may occur in later ages.

In childhood; Anxiety problems such as social, specific phobia and separation can be seen. Separation anxiety Very common in childhood; interpreted as the feeling that his family will leave him and not wanting to go away; Separation anxiety is felt more to the parents who take care of the child. Specific phobias Developing a phobia against objects or animals with the effect of children’s imagination is the state of being stressed when seeing that thing. In this case, children do not want to see the object, they may panic when they see it. Social anxiety These children, whom the teachers call silent and absent children, have social anxiety concerns. Generally, social phobia occurs in children who do not speak and socialize in public. Fear of an object can be avoided. The most important point about anxiety can also be traumas experienced as a child. In such cases, we recommend that you seek help from psychologists.

What is Anxiety During Pregnancy? According to studies, most of the women experience anxiety and panic during pregnancy. Every woman who goes through a pregnancy process goes through hormonal changes and as a result, she gets anxiety. Problems such as whether the baby will be born healthy, problems such as miscarriage before, whether he will be a good parent or not, may cause anxiety in mothers. The symptoms of anxiety disorders during pregnancy may be as follows. Difficulty in breathing Fast heart rate Feeling of being stuck Panic attack status Situations like this may occur. You can get information on how to overcome your anxiety problems during your pregnancy by consulting your doctor. Do not forget about soothing herbal teas, regular sleep and balanced diet. How to control anxiety? We answered the question for you. Anxiety problems may arise when we find ourselves in a difficult process, when we are afraid, or when we experience trauma at certain ages. In these cases, it may be necessary to deal with anxiety. You can do this best with the advice we give and the help of an expert psychologist.

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