Guild Entrepreneurship Center is giving its sixth term graduates [Live]


Lonca Entrepreneurship Center, which was established by Kuveyt Türk in order to reveal and support technology-oriented and scalable ideas and help them turn into commercial projects, is in its sixth term with new teams consisting of 12 startups chosen from hundreds of applications.

For the sixth term of the Guild Entrepreneurship Center, startups were selected among nearly 400 applications in two categories, general and fintech. Let us remind you that among the initiatives of the 6th period, there are initiatives that offer solutions in areas such as technology, health, education, artificial intelligence, cyber security and finance. Today 11 we will watch the graduation of the initiative.

You can follow the presentations and event of the 12 initiative, which took place in the sixth term of the Guild Enterprise Center, on live broadcast.

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11 startups graduating from the 6th term of the Guild Entrepreneurship Center