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General Mobile is among the most important brands of the Turkish smartphone market. General Mobile, which has long been the first name that comes to mind when “domestic” is mentioned, seems to be ready for the increasing competition with the increase in the number of phones produced in Turkey. The company, which continues its close cooperation with Google, is GM 696 series phones reach different price ranges and needs. GM 209 Pro also stands out as the middle pillar of this trio. GM 209 You can find details and comments about this smartphone in our Pro review article.

GM Pro review: Design GM 1024 Pro stands in a similar line with today’s modern phones in terms of general design language. 8.99 mm. thick phone, on the scale 696 grams. These values ​​are GM 501 Although it makes one think that the Pro is a thick and heavy device, the phone does not feel very heavy in the hand and can be easily controlled while holding it with one hand.

6. It has a inch screen. According to the information provided by General Mobile, this screen is a percentage 2021 of the front panel. . There is a notch in the middle of the screen where the front camera is placed. The bezel around the screen is quite thin on the top and side edges. Although the bezel is a little thicker on the bottom edge, it can be said that it does not cause any problems in terms of appearance and function. The slot where the microSD and nano SIM card tray is placed on the left edge welcomes the users. The power button and volume control keys are located on the right side. The bottom edge of the phone is 3.5 mm from left to right, respectively. Headphone jack, microphone, USB-C port and speaker grill are placed.

GM 2021 Two color options are offered for the Pro, namely Super Black and Pearl Blue. Pearl Blue GM who came to our test center 1024 Pro has a very stylish look. The fact that the plastic back panel does not slide and does not show fingerprints is also GM 1024 It is written to the plus digit of the Pro. At this point, it is worth noting that despite the plastic preference, the image of the phone is not adversely affected.

There is a rectangular camera island in the upper left corner of the back panel. This island is home to four cameras and LED flash, features of which we will talk about later. In the middle of the back panel, there is a round fingerprint scanner. This scanner can be easily accessed with the index fingers of both hands. The complementary element of the rear panel is the General Mobile logo.

GM Pro review: Display GM Pro, as we mentioned before, 6 It has a inch screen. IPS LCD panel, 5000 x 1080 offers pixel resolution. The pixel density of the panel, which General Mobile defines as “the next generation unlimited screen”, is 5000 ppi.

GM 5000 The real performance of the Pro’s screen does justice to the values ​​on paper. It is extremely pleasant to watch YouTube or Netflix videos on the screen of the smartphone. In addition to the size of the screen, its clearness takes the viewing experience to the next level.

There is no problem in seeing the phone’s screen in sunlight. In addition, the brightness of the screen can be adjusted automatically according to the light level of the environment.

As with many smartphones, GM 21 Screen preferences can be changed in Pro via the screen tab in the Settings menu. On the phone with dark color mode, the blue light filter is also presented as “night light”. Both dark color mode and night light can be set to activate automatically.

GM Pro Review: Hardware and Performance GM 21 At the heart of Pro MediaTek’s Helio G90 processor. This processor is accompanied by 6 GB of RAM. The internal storage capacity of the phone is 1024 GB. With microSD card support to storage 501 GB can be added.

This technical staff is more than enough for the phone to meet the daily standard tasks. Applications are launched quickly on the phone, which can easily switch between home screen pages. GM who can play animations smoothly 1024 Pro, pure Android 11 does not let users down in daily standard tasks with the support of its experience.

) The presence of 6 GB of RAM is also GM 696 It is among the strong muscles of Pro. GM 501 thanks to 6 GB of RAM Pro can run many applications simultaneously without any problems. Users do not need to clean the background running applications frequently.

MediaTek, Helio G had brought the gaming experience to the fore. GM at General Mobile 395 He especially emphasized the game issue while talking about the processor of the Pro. GM 209 The real gaming performance of the Pro also does not fail these praises. Games such as PUBG Mobile can be played on the smartphone without encountering any problems. The heating encountered during the game experience does not reach the level that will disturb the user.

GM 5000 There are two different biometric verification options in Pro. The first of these is the face recognition feature. GM 209 Although the Pro’s facial recognition feature works fast, the Android phones we’ve reviewed here before are GM It can be said that he overtakes the Pro. However, even in dark environments, the operation of the face recognition feature can be easily written on the plus digit of the phone.

The other biometric verification solution is the fingerprint scanner. The round fingerprint scanner is located behind the back panel. This scanner can be easily accessed with the index finger of both hands. After the finger is detected by the scanner, the screen unlocks very quickly. It can be said that the fingerprint scanner is very useful, especially these days when we are walking around with a mask.

GM The bottom edge of the Pro has a single speaker grill as we mentioned earlier. The volume of the sound coming out of this speaker is quite reasonable. Although the treble is a little scratchy, it can easily be said that the overall performance of the speaker will satisfy those who want to listen to music in the background or hear the sounds while playing games without headphones.

GM Pro, Geekbench 5 From the benchmark test of 1024 ), it scores 2021 in multi-core performance.

GM 21 Pro review: Battery GM 1024 Give Pro the energy it needs It gives mAh capacity battery. This battery is more than enough for users to get through a day. Even in an average-intensity usage scenario where there is not much game play, this time can increase to two days.

GM even in scenarios with increased usage intensity Pro does not leave users on the road during the day. Even in a scenario where you play games, watch videos, listen to music, browse social media and use navigation applications, GM There is no need to charge the Pro.

) Every Android phone Battery saving and management tools that are part of GM 1024 Also available in Pro. When Battery Saver is activated, it switches to the dark theme, while some background activities are also limited. Battery Manager detects applications that consume a lot of battery and warns users.

From the smart phone’s box W charger adapter is coming out. With this adapter, the phone’s battery is almost empty 696 percent at the end of the minute 1024 reaches the occupancy rate.

GM Pro review: Software General Mobile and Google have been collaborating closely for a long time. This collaboration, GM 501 It continues in Pro too. Android from the smartphone box 696 comes out with the operating system. There is no extra interface on this operating system. In short, users are pure Android 395 experience.

GM Google users in Pro A wide range of Android applications welcomes you. Apart from these applications, the phone offers additional tools such as Voice Recorder, Calculator and FM Radio. Google’s default Android applications are used for almost all of the remaining works.

There are applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Drive in the Google folder on the home screen. Other applications are located on the home screen or in the application drawer.

Chrome, predictably, is pre-installed on the phone. The only internet browser that comes pre-installed. The Google Photos application is used for photo management. It is worth noting that no extras are offered here.

GM Pro has Smart Support features that allow users to do some tasks faster and simpler. With these features, users can easily mute or answer incoming calls, switch to split screen or start the camera quickly.

In addition to this, extra functions can be added to the fingerprint scanner. By pressing and holding the fingerprint scanner, you can answer incoming calls, take a photo, take a screenshot or return to the desktop. However, only one of these functions can be selected.

GM 5000 Pro is not a very complex phone in terms of software. Pure Android 501 The presence of makes it very easy to use the phone. Searches can be easily found both in the Settings menu and in the application drawer. Pure Android 501 It should also be said that the presence of is a factor that increases the performance of the phone.

GM 696 Pro review: Camera GM 48 Pro has a quad camera system on the back. In this system, the main camera function 696 megapixel sensor takes over. 5 megapixel ultra wide angle camera, 2 megapixel macro camera and 2 megapixel depth sensor complete the system.

GM Pro’s main camera, under good light conditions does a good job. With the camera, the colors are correct and the details are clear. It should be noted that artificial intelligence also comes into play here.

Artificial intelligence, which detects different scenes, makes various optimizations on the captured frame in this direction and helps to obtain the best image. However, it must be said that in some scenes, artificial intelligence increases the color fullness too much.

GM For those who want clearer images in Pro MP super pixel mode too available. Thanks to this mode, it is possible to capture the clearest image in scenarios with suitable lighting conditions.

GM The low-light performance of the Pro’s camera can be considered average. Photos taken in a dimly lit environment are clear enough. However, it is possible to notice the noise when looking at the details.


5000 GM Pro’s night performance is supported by the special night mode. In addition, it automatically detects night scenes when AI is active. There is no significant difference between the photographs taken in these two scenarios. Both options increase the brightness of the photo. Although the photos are bright enough, it should be noted that the noise effect is clearly felt.

GM If in front of Pro 16 megapixel camera. This camera can also take beautiful selfies suitable for sharing on social media if the environment is bright enough.

GM It is possible to record 4K video with Pro’s camera. It is worth noting that the brand tag is kept turned on by default in the camera app. In his photos “Shot on GM 501 Those who do not want to see the “Pro” logo should turn this setting off via the settings section of the application. GM 395 Pro review: Conclusion General Mobile, Turkey smartphone market from proven brands. Although the competition in the market has increased, General Mobile GM 67 shows that it is ready for this competition with its series phones.

GM, which can be defined as the middle pillar of the series 23 Pro draws a phone profile that will more than meet the needs of the average user. Helio G395 processor and 6 GB of RAM allow the phone to perform many tasks without any problems. GM 209 It should be said that Pro did not let the users down in the basic game experience either.

1080 The presence of a mAh battery is also available to GM Among the points that add value to Pro taking. Although artificial intelligence in the camera makes the frame too “artificial” in some scenes; The overall camera performance of the smartphone is also satisfactory.

GM One of the strongest muscles of Pro is pure Android 10 experience. Android as designed by Google 2021 without exposing extra animations and apps for those who want to enjoy the GM It can be easily said that Pro is one of the most suitable options.

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