What is Feng-Shui? How to apply Feng-Shui?

According to Feng Shui, every color and item has an energy. The point is to use this energy correctly and reflect it to life…

Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water, means harmonizing the colors and life energy in nature with the environment. Feng Shui, a Chinese culture, has a history of 5,000 years. Feng Shui is actually the technique of carrying the energy emitted by wind and water into the house. The keyword here is ‘conformance’. Harmony with nature, harmony with the living environment etc…

The aim is to attract health, peace, luck, happiness and energy to human life.

Feng Shui The key to the doors you want to open in life…

However, it means adding Feng Shui to our lives; It doesn’t just mean decorating our home or office in accordance with Feng Shui. In other words, decoration change alone is not enough. One of the common mistakes is that Feng Shui is perceived only as an item arrangement.

According to Feng Shui, every color and item has an energy. The point is to use this energy correctly and reflect it to life… In order to apply the Feng Shui lifestyle correctly, we must first throw all negative thoughts out of our minds and believe in this work. A positive approach to life is very important. Only with faith and positive energy can we achieve the desired result.

What are the essentials of Feng Shui? Light, color and correctly positioned mirrors, flowers and small pets, bells, even calm music, sculptures and suspended objects if you wish.

The basis of all this is based on human happiness. . In other words, the choice of the object that makes the person happy or the presence of a flower you love is very important. In addition, the colors and lights you use should be bright enough to revive your energy, but also to give peace and serenity to your soul.

Places decorated with the right arrangements radiate the right energy. It achieves the intended goal. However, as I said at the beginning, positive thinking should not be neglected…

Ways to Practice Feng Shui at Home Feng Shui If you want to bring ‘ to your homes, the first thing you need to do is; getting rid of excess to make room for positive energy. Excess items can cause negativities in your life as they slow down the flow of energy in the house, so you should get rid of the excess that takes up space in your home and allow the clogged areas in your life to open. We spend a third of our life sleeping, so the bedroom is one of the most important areas in Feng Shui. Much attention should be paid to room design and decoration, as bedrooms need to be calming for better sleep. Since the most important item is the bed, it should not be placed opposite the door. Thus, the energy does not come directly on the sleepers. Mirrors and lighting are strong elements in Feng Shui, so it is recommended not to have a mirror in the bedroom, but to bring a screen in front of it. You should also choose dim lights as lighting in the bedroom.

Practicing Feng Shui in the Kitchen Kitchen as opposed to the bedroom is one of the most active areas of your home. Therefore, you can use tones such as yellow and white that make you feel good in your kitchen. Lighting that activates positive energy is also among the details you should not overlook. The location of the kitchen is very important as it symbolizes the happiness and nourishment of the family. For example, the fact that the toilet and kitchen door are not mutual is one of the important rules of Feng Shui philosophy.

Practicing Feng Shui in the Bathroom Bathrooms and toilets are considered lost areas in Feng Shui and this So it shouldn’t be too big. The important point is to use the space you have in your bathroom efficiently. Your bathroom and toilet should not be visible when you enter the house, and in addition, they should not share the same wall with your largest bedroom. Because it is thought that financial gains flow with water.

Practicing Feng Shui in the Living Room: Beware if it is in your living room The detail you need to pay attention to is to stay away from sharp-lined designs. You should make sure that the corners of your upholstery, such as furniture, armchairs, and sofas, are rounded. You can hang pictures of animate or inanimate objects that you dream of having on the walls of your living room. It is also recommended that living rooms receive good light. Natural daylight is best, but you can also use lighting devices such as lamps or lampshades to illuminate dark corners. It is also important to include plenty of green plants in your living room, as they are thought to clear negative energy. can lead to changes. You should definitely give Feng Shui a chance

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