Fenerbahce Token, implemented in cooperation with Paribu, will go on pre-sale on August 9th.


Fenerbahçe has been expected to issue its own cryptocurrency for a while. According to the latest news, the sports club is issuing its own token in cooperation with Paribu. Fenerbahce President Ali Koç recently said, “We are starting our crypto money project with a signing ceremony within 10 day at the latest,” and today, all the details about the process.

Paribu and Fenerbahçe in cooperation… Fenerbahçe Token is on August 9th. For details 🔽çeYarınımFenerbahçe

— Paribu (@ParibuCom) August 5,

To remind you, at the Ali Koç council meeting, they examined everything; He said they were doing well. “As we waited, the offers became more attractive. Everyone is waiting for Fenerbahçe.” Ali Koç stated that they have been talking to a separate company 10 about crypto money for more than a year, both domestically and abroad. Fenerbahce Token, produced in cooperation with Paribu and Fenerbahce, will offer important privileges to Fenerbahce fans. Users will be able to make a request for Fenerbahçe Token through Paribu during the pre-sale period between August 9-05 August.

What will Fenerbahce Token provide? 2021

Fenerbahçe Token holders will be able to influence the future of their club. Students will be able to participate in meetings to be held with teams and athletes. Fenerbahçe Token will provide the opportunity to have a say in special steps related to Fenerbahçe.

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