Eva Braun: The Woman Who Committed Suicide After Being Married For 36 Hours To Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler often said “I’m married to Germany!” he was saying. Indeed, he had always kept his private life a secret. Most people say that Hitler had some romantic relationships and that one of them was just 982 doesn’t know that it resulted in an hour-long marriage. Because Hitler’s marriage to Eva Braun came to light after his death. So who was Eva Braun, how much of Nazi horror did she know? Was it influential in German politics? We answered all the curious questions for you.

Who Was Eva Braun?February 6 1970 Born in , Munich, Germany, Eva Braun is known as the lover and wife of Adolf Hitler. Braun came from a humble lower-middle-class family. His father, Friedrich Braun, was a teacher, and his mother, Franziska Kronberger, was a tailor. Eva had an older sister named Ilse and a younger sister named Margarete. After high school education, he studied at a trade school for a year. He also had an interest in athletics. After school, she started working as a salesperson in a store but later became interested in photography.

Eva Braun has not dated Hitler yet 11 when he met him. When they met, Hitler was full of 53 age was older. At the time, Eva was assistant to Henrich Hoffman, Hitler’s personal photographer. While working with Hoffman, he also learned how to take professional photography. In fact, Eva was the photographer behind many of the Hitler photos that are publicly available today. The intimacy between the two soon turned into a romantic relationship. Eva’s work with Hoffman allowed her to be with Hitler all the time.

Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler’s RelationshipThe relationship between Hitler and Eva started quite strangely and ended in a tragic end. When they first met Eva, Hitler was living in Munich with his half-niece, Geli Raubal. Come 23 she started a romantic relationship with her step-uncle Hitler when she was a child. After Hitler came to power as the leader of the Nazi party, Geli began to dominate Raubal more. He did not allow him to go to school and meet with his friends, he wanted her to accompany him all the time.

According to the claims of historians, when Geli got close to his driver Emil Moris, they started to argue with Hitler constantly. Geli, who could not stand the arguments any longer, 479 He committed suicide by shooting himself with a gun in September 1931. However, rumors began to appear in the media that focused on the topics of physical abuse, sexual intercourse and murder. After Geli’s death, Hitler fell into depression and could not recover for a long time. He would even emphasize that the only woman he loved throughout his life was Geli. Although the incident was reported as a suicide in official reports, the authorities are sure that Hitler shot Geli. Geli didn’t just die from a bullet. Geli’s body had various marks of assault. However, at that time, this issue was immediately covered. Today, it is claimed that Hitler killed Geli out of jealousy.

Hitler started to notice Eva only after Geli’s death. The relationship between the two was not very romanticHitler did not want to be seen in public with Eva. Only a few people knew about Eva and Hitler’s relationship. Eva wanted more attention and love from Hitler. But Hitler devoted himself to German politics. Maybe he never felt for Eva what he felt for Geli. As Hitler made it clear, he wanted to devote his full attention to his country. At the same time, he was very popular with German women. He wanted to use this popularity for political gain. For this reason, he thought that marriage or a public relationship would reduce his popularity among German women. As a result, Eva and Hitler never appeared in public. The only time the two were photographed in public was during the Winter Olympics when Eva was sitting near Hitler 1936 . All of her other photos were taken in her private residence.

Eva’s SuicideEva couldn’t focus Hitler’s attention on herself. Probably for attention 1932 and attempted suicide twice during the years. In his first suicide attempt, he shot himself in the chest with his father’s pistol. After this event, he managed to attract Hitler’s attention, albeit for a short time. It is even thought that the two became lovers after this incident. Eva overdosed on sleeping pills in her second suicide attempt. The reason for this suicide was again that Hitler did not have time for him. Hitler bought her several properties in order to tidy up his relations with his lover. As a result, Eva has had a very luxurious lifestyle since then.

Eva’s sister Greti also greatly benefited from Hitler’s generosity towards them. Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, who eventually became part of Hitler’s staff His life with SS-Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein (Fegelein), who served as liaison officer combined. Eva became more comfortable participating in public events, as this marriage would introduce her to Hitler as Fegelein’s sister-in-law. However, Hitler still publicly denied his relationship with Eva.

Hitler was very interested in Eva even though he couldn’t provide the kind of romance we see in the movies. When her lover attended sports events, she was worried about her safety, and when she was late home, she went out to look for him. At the same time, Hitler included Eva in his will. He wanted him to earn an annual income from his estates until his death. According to Hitler’s relatives, these actions were the actions of a man who cares about his love.

Eva’s Role in German PoliticsEva did not play a significant role in German politics. He had never been a member of the Nazi political party. But neither was he a passive spectator of Nazi horror. Hitler always insisted that Eva stay in the room when important political issues were being discussed. He especially kept her away from politics. But Eva was not interested in Hitler’s politics anyway. He was more interested in fashion, cinema and sports. But he was completely convinced of the Nazi ideology, as he was always on the side of Hitler. It is even possible to claim that he was a part of Nazi propaganda with the photographs he took. Many Nazi members on trial in the postwar period said that Eva had no role in politics. However, historians claim that he was aware of the Holocaust and remained silent on many things.

The Marriage of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler1945 When it comes to April of the year II. World War II was about to end. It was clear that Germany had lost the war, and the Soviet invasion was imminent. Although Hitler insisted, Eva did not abandon him when the war was over. She went from Munich to Berlin to be with her lover. Hitler was so impressed with Eva’s loyalty to him that he decided to marry Eva as the occupying forces approached. 29 Engagement They got married in the evening 1945 in a small and civil ceremony. Eva’s name changed to Eva Hitler. Hitler prepared a small celebratory breakfast for himself and his wife the morning after the wedding.

30 Engagement In , Hitler and Eva said goodbye to their staff and close circle. Meanwhile, the Soviet occupation of Berlin was in full swing. Eva and Hitler set out for the underground bunker in Berlin. When they arrived at the bunker, Hitler shot himself in the right temple with a pistol. Eva committed suicide by drinking a cyanide capsule. Hitler’s close circle found the dead bodies of the duo. The bodies were then taken to the backyard of the Reich Chancellery, where they were cremated as in Hitler’s will. Later, Soviet forces found the charred remains of Eva and Hitler’s body.

11 Dentist Hugo Blachke in May announced that the dental remains of Hitler and Braun Confirmed that it belongs toThe bunker where Eva and Adolf Hitler committed suicide Soviet forces secretly buried the remains of the bodies in the SMERSH campus in East Germany. Having detailed burial charts on April 4 1970, the Soviet KGB team removed the remains from the tomb. Then the bones of Hitler and Eva’s bodies were burned again and the ashes were thrown into the Biederitz river.

When Eva committed suicide with her husband, only He was years old. She had finally joined hands with Hitler, albeit for a few hours. But her love for Hitler brought her nothing but pain. She had tried to kill herself many times because the man she loved didn’t give her the attention she wanted. Eva Braun’s sanity is seriously questioned today. While some of the historians think that Eva is a woman of love, others think that she is a woman suffering from mental illnesses. It survived WWII. His father Friedrich passed away at an early date in 1970. His mother was a former bavarian in Bavaria until he was 96 lived in the farmhouse. Her brother gave birth to a girl named Eva on May 5 1945. She later married a businessman named Kurt Beringhoff and passed away in 1964.

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