Effortless Ironing: Tefal FV4950 Ultragliss Steam Iron Review and Review


Ironing is among the most demanding household chores for many users. Ironing clothes that pile up like a mountain for hours can be tedious. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a good iron. An iron that heats up fast and works at high performance can cut your time in half. Metal and charcoal irons used in the past were both difficult to use and dangerous due to rapid heating. But now we can use the irons at the desired temperature and steam setting with a single button. You can also meet advanced irons that keep up with the age of technology. In this way, you can finish your work in one pass instead of dealing with hard-to-open wrinkles for hours! Tefal FV4950 is ready to deliver the performance you want.

Tefal’s history Tefal When you say Teflon pans, you may think of them. You’re right because Tefal was founded in France by Marc Grégoire, who was also the inventor of Teflon pans. Founded in 1956, Tefal’s aim was to lighten the workload by designing efficient products in the kitchen and in daily life. Non-stick pans, which were mentioned for a long time with their design at that time, undoubtedly started a new era in the kitchen. Instead of pans that are difficult to clean, pans that do not stick to stains soon became popular. This non-stick surface technology was also used in ironing, making it easier to iron the clothes. Tefal’s groundbreaking technology is now everywhere in our lives.

Tefal FV What are the technical features of Ultragliss steam iron?The technical features used in this model are equipped to offer the desired performance in every aspect. 2800 Watt power provides fast heating. Offering a superior performance for your daily clothes ironing needs, this Watt power offers the ultimate smoothness you want. In the tempo of modern life, you can use your time for ironing in the most effective way thanks to Tefal FV4950. Just check the list for other technical features.

Turbo Steam Power g/min

Water reservoir 40 ml

Color Claret Red Base Durilium Airglide

Material Stainless Steel

Tefal FV How is the ultragliss steam iron design?The coating and top buttons used in the design used in this model draw attention. The stainless steel used in the design also ensures that this model is long-lasting and durable. The design looks very stylish and compact. Tefal iron will not take up any space in your room!

Tefal FV Ultragliss steam What’s in the iron box contents?Tefal FV2800 ironing model, user manual and warranty certificate will be waiting. It’s also ready to plug and test right away!

Extra strong steamSteam power is important in a good iron. We know that every fabric requires a different steam power and therefore the adjustments must be precise. You may want to keep the steam power high for difficult fabrics such as silk. In fabrics that are easier to open, this power can be taken back further. In this model, the steam power has been increased by 40 percent. This power is made to increase your speed with its slippery sole in daily ironing performance. Clothes are of different fabric types and a good iron should be able to iron them all. You can decide on the most accurate heat and steam setting by adjusting the fabric type settings such as cotton, synthetic, denim and linen. Thanks to the shock steam feature, apply a burst of steam to the most wrinkled places. Tefal will be a savior for thick fabrics and stubborn creases that never straighten!

Fast heat-up powerful watt

2800 It offers a performance well above its wattage class. This rapid heating is also due to this Watt power. In some tough and thick fabrics, this Watt power can be very useful. Many families with children do weekly ironing, and long runs require an iron that manages to maintain a high level of performance. Thanks to Tefal, this is now possible.

Safe automatic shutdownA machine that requires attention when using an iron. There are some security measures against possible forgetting. Tefal iron, which is standing still, turns off automatically after 8 minutes. Even after 40 seconds if it works and is left in the surface position. Thanks to these security measures, you won’t have to worry if I left the iron on. Safe ironing experience thanks to Tefal!

Quality coating on the soleThe coating and slipperiness of the soleplate are among the most sought-after features in an iron. This feature directly affects the ironing performance. The Durilium Airglide sole used in this model offers a first-class glide. The multi-steam system used in the soleplate is also perfect for removing wrinkles. Thus, the large steam performance on the ironing surface allows you to finish the iron quickly. You can trust Tefal with its quality coating on the base.

Easy access with its precision tip designThanks to the triangular tip design used in this model, you can easily access the most difficult places. This special design used on the tip of the iron will offer the precision you want. It provides easy ironing especially on button parts of shirts, pockets of trousers and collar parts. This model also has a light and compact design. This lightweight design will also allow you to move the iron with ease. Easy access, effortless ironing at Tefal!

Spend less energy: Eco modeYou may want to use the energy you spend in long ironing hours in a controlled manner, which extremely logical. You can save energy every time by using the energy saving mode. Percentage in Tefal Eco mode 40 consumes less energy. More energy, ideal performance!

Tefal FV4950 Ultragliss steam ironing frequently asked questionsTefal is a world brand in the category of ironing and we wanted to briefly answer any questions you might be wondering to get to know this model better.

How many ml is the water tank?

270 ml.

For this model Is there an anti-limescale system?


Does it drip or leave stains?

Special soleplate and steam technology prevent them.

Does it have the adjusted thermostat?


Is it suitable for all fabric types?

Yes. You can use it safely for every fabric type.

Tefal FV4950 Ultragliss steam iron user commentsThe Ultragliss model was very popular around the world and reached millions of users. You can decide to buy more easily by looking at the comments about this model.

Very good

Iron is very good, it removes wrinkles immediately. The water filling place is also big enough.

Price performance product

It is a very good product for its price performance, it came in the box with a guarantee certificate, the shipping is also very fast. Negative aspects: The cable should have been a little longer.2500

Beautiful and useful

4950 A simple to use and affordable iron. 40 There is a continuous steam setting of grams. I especially liked the auto-off feature. It turns off automatically when it is not working both in an upright position and in a tilted position, and accidents are prevented. It can even be purchased just for this feature.2500

I am satisfied

Anti-limescale and anti-drip features are among my first choices. In addition, it is very good that it has vertical steam and shock steam. With additional features such as intelligent heat control, ideal steam distribution, automatic steam control, eco mode 2500 w power It is a nice and useful iron that you will be satisfied with. I advise.

Beautiful in one kali

4950 I bought the product for my wife as a result of my research. In one word, a great iron, I would definitely recommend it.2500


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