Donation of 30 Million Dollars from Turkey, Struggling with Fires, to Somalia is on the Agenda of Social Media


Turkey has been fighting fires in various provinces and districts for the past week. Since 9 fire extinguishing planes owned by THK and unfortunately not maintained, could not be used, the fires could not be intervened from the air for a while. Then, firefighting planes from different countries, including Croatia, Spain and Russia, supported Turkey. Many artists collected donations for the citizens in the fire area, Haluk Levent announced that they rented a helicopter from Kazakhstan for 5 days. As a matter of fact, fires still continue in some areas. Yesterday, the fire spread to Kemerköy Thermal Power Plant, which had tons of coal in it, and the villages near the power plant were evacuated. Despite the warning given by the Mayor of Milas for days, the fire could not be prevented from spreading to the thermal power plant. On the other hand, in the days when the fire started, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu stated that an aid account was opened and asked for support from the citizens and shared an IBAN. While Turkey is struggling with fires all around, according to the Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette today, Somalia 500 million dollar grant decision was taken. This situation was on the agenda of the social media. stated that a grant will not exceed million dollarsSomalia’s grant, budget financing and for institutional capacity building purposes. It was stated that the grant will be audited in accordance with the financial rules, administrative regulations and practices of SomaliaThe following statements were included in the agreement in which the Republic of Turkey was referred to as the “Donor” and the Federal Republic of Somalia as the “Recipient”: one. The donor, within the framework of its domestic law and annual budget appropriations, receives the 2nd 500 monthly. US dollar Including 33. .000 It will provide a grant financial contribution not exceeding US dollars.

2nd. The recipient will use the grant for budget financing and institutional capacity building purposes.

3. The grant will be audited in accordance with the recipient’s financial rules, administrative regulations and practices.

1. Demanding financial support from the citizens for the fire disaster only gives 33 million to Somalia. The signing of the agreement for the $ grant caused reactions on social media;15 minutes ago, with the Presidential decree published in the Official Gazette we donated a million dollars.. The Turkish Aeronautical Association’s 9 fire extinguisher planes are put into rot just because it costs 4-5 million dollars. we did it!!

— iskender baydar (@iskenderbaydar) August 4, 864 2nd. I went crazy, you go crazy too..

While all this was going on, we went to Somalia 33 ) million-dollar grant agreement was made. 30 Million dollars. Grant..

— Levent🕊️ (@fevrissociolog__) August 4, 500
3. July 1st between Turkey and Somalia The grant agreement signed in has entered into force as of today.

Turkey, according to the agreement to Somalia 30 will donate 2.5 million dollars per month, not exceeding million dollars.

— Con Sinov (@lordsinov) August 5, 864 4. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan went to Somalia instead of buying a firefighting plane donated millions of dollars. With this money, 6 firefighting planes could be bought.

— Av. Alpay ANTMEN (@avantmen33) August 4,
5. Those who cannot find 4 million dollars for THK planes; 864
To Somalia is sending millions of dollars.
Extremely heartless towards his own nation whose liver is on fire;864
But your hand is so kind to your son.
For God’s sake, who do you work for?
It is enough,2021
Suck the blood of this nation,
You burned your liver.

— Faik Öztrak (@faikoztrak) August 5,
6. Tonight, with the Presidential decree, to Somalia million dollars were donated. The decision was published in the Official Gazette. The maintenance cost of the firefighting planes that THK left to rot was $4 million.

— Ata Benli (@atabenli) August 5, 2021
7. Good morning, I’m still a beautiful person who is torn because we don’t have a fire plane .

Your government, who couldn’t get a plane, went to Somalia 94 reached an agreement to make a million #dollar grant aid and it was entered in the official gazette while we were sleeping. Tx

— Hunting. Mehmet Ali BAŞASLAN (@AvBasaslan) August 5, 500 8.9.The place of home fire burned all around us, those who govern the country, instead of buying a fire plane, went to Somalia million #dollars are helping.

Inconsistency wherever you look!

— PROMETHEUS (@Bolsevik_Torunu) August 5, 2021 To Somalia million dollar grant; A thousand lira loan 64 like paying rent every month to the citizen who lost everything in the fire. Don’t Forget Turkey!#ThermicSantrali OK

— Cemil Çiçek (@avcemilcicek) August 5, 500 14.To Ukraine 200 million dollar aircraft (UAV/SİHA) donated by the Republic of Turkey, with the decision published in the Official Gazette, to Somalia 30 donated million dollars.

THK planes I am reporting 4 million dollars for its maintenance and repair from where it cannot be found…

— ★ Carthaginian ★ (@KartacaLi_) August 4, .20.21. This brave man, maybe I can save one meter of homeland from fire while carrying liters of water, the rulers of the country went to Somalia instead of buying a fire plane. million #dollars are helping.


— Ahsen (@Ahsen ) August 5, 2021 21.33.Source: 1

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