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Digital natives are the generation that grew up with and uses digital tools such as mobile phones, computers and the internet. As parents, we are also the parents of this generation’s group of digital natives, and we must protect our children from harmful habits while ensuring that they enjoy the benefits of this world. Of course, in order to provide this protection, it is also necessary that we are always open to development in digital tools.

What is Digital Parenting and How To? Technology and especially The internet has many benefits for both adults and children. However, if it is not used appropriately and for its intended purpose, it may cause some negative effects for children. Parents should protect their children from negative and harmful habits in this digital environment and try to prevent addiction to internet use. Children may encounter many dangerous situations in the internet and social media environment. Of course, parents should do digital parenting in order to cope with these dangerous situations. So how do parents digitally parent their children? Let’s learn this together.

Know and Use Digital Communication Tools

In order to protect your child from the harmful habits of the internet, first of all, you should familiarize yourself with digital communication tools, You must learn the rules of communication and be able to use it correctly. Which digital tools is your child interested in and which ones does he/she use? As parents, you should research and learn about them.

Use Social Media and Follow Your Kids on Social Media Social media is for both adults and It is also an entertainment, chat and information transfer platform used by children. However, it also contains negative and disturbing content in its content. As parents, you can protect your child from harmful content and sharing by using social media effectively.

Set Social Media Limits for Your Child As parents, if you are going to limit the use of the internet and social media, you must first comply with these restrictions. Being a good role model to your child by following the rules set in the house will also affect him positively. For this, spend time together by doing fun and educational activities as a family. These activities will strengthen the ties within the family and reduce the use of social media at home.

Learn the Benefits of Digital Tools Digital platform, Although there are negative and harmful aspects for children, of course, there are also positive aspects. The Internet, when used correctly, has an important place in the development of children. Watching educational, instructive and scientific videos, doing research, solving exercises related to lessons are some of these examples. When children use the digital world correctly, their memory, comprehension, perception and analysis skills develop. As parents, if we want to be digital parents, you can explore the useful aspects of the internet, examine them and contribute to your child’s development in the right way.

*Use Software for Child Safety and Parental Control There are some filters to learn what children are doing while using the internet and social media and to prevent them from entering some wrong content. By installing these various software, you can control and limit your child.

The Roles of Parents in Digital Parenting The word digital in the concept of digital parenting is actually an adjective that we encounter very often today. As a dictionary meaning, it means the electronic display of data on a screen. What is meant here is the name given to any electronic device that adults or children use to play, have fun, spend time or do research.

Today, we can benefit from all the blessings of the digital age anytime and anywhere. Of course, parents have some roles in order to make the most of this digital situation and to protect children from the possible dangers it may bring. We can list these roles as follows:

Digital Literacy: Digital literacy, which stands out with the development of technology, It is the name given to the ability to search for, understand and analyze information in all devices. Since the use of electronic devices in Turkey did not start very long ago, when the ability to use digital tools between parents and children is compared, great differences have been reached. According to studies, approximately % of children are more than their parents. It has a lot of digital information. Of course, this difference can bring some negatives. Examples of such negativities are that children encounter bad content while they are spending time on the Internet or are searching for something, and they share it with their friends, not their parents, or the fact that parents do not give advice to their children while using the Internet as an important situation. Parents who are not sufficiently digital parents cannot inform their children about digital tools in a healthy way because of this situation.


Besides being digital parents, it is very important for parents to be aware of. It should be able to distinguish and follow the useful or dangerous things in the internet. While your child is playing games or researching a topic on the Internet, you should be curious and follow what he is interested in.

Check : Adults with children, if they want to be a digital parent and their awareness about it If it’s too high, they’ll want to check it out too. It is very important for parents who are aware of it, to control which pages children visit on the Internet, what content they are interested in or what behaviors they exhibit. Setting up rules such as filtering programs against harmful content on the Internet, limiting time spent on the computer, or using the Internet as a family are among the characteristics of parents who are aware and want to control.

Being Interested in Innovations:

Digital parents should be open to innovations about digital tools and follow these innovations. However, he should be knowledgeable about the beneficial and risky aspects of emerging innovations.

What are the Dangers of the Digital World for Children? Playing games on the internet for long periods of time, being exposed to inappropriate and disturbing negative content negatively affects children mentally. Social media use may cause some security risks. The circulation of various information pollution through advertisements can cause children to be negatively affected socially. Inappropriate and violent images encountered on the internet can also affect children emotionally negatively. As parents of the digital natives group, you should take all the necessary precautions for your child Even so, it is possible for your child to make mistakes. However, the important thing is to minimize the error. To be a digital parent, be open to continuous improvement and learning, and contribute to your child by learning about how you can protect your child from harmful things while making the most of the benefits of digital tools. Remember, technology and digital tools are an important world that fosters creativity and skill.

Yes we are the parents of the “digital natives” group. As such, it is not as easy to endear books to children who are introduced to technology at an early age or even at birth, but we all want children to read books enthusiastically. Don’t you think it’s hard to choose a book that will appeal to a child when there are so many environmental stimulants and technological devices?

Things to Consider When Choosing a Children’s Book The first thing to consider when choosing a children’s book everything must have a language… Children start to read the language they speak through books and this should not be based on false information. Care should be taken to choose books that do not have spelling and expression errors, and most importantly, spelling mistakes. It should be noted: well-illustrated but poorly written books can trap us. We should definitely read the books we buy our children. Only the cover and pictures can be misleading It is important to consider whether it appeals to the age and interest of the child. Trying to overcome the effects of books that will alienate the child from reading requires more effort. The parent model of reading and reading to children Being seen as a person also encourages them, but it is necessary to establish a good balance there, and if the book is an obstacle to the time you spend for it, it can have the opposite effect. All of our lives are now “online” and our work is at home… Creating time for joint reading while establishing the home-work-child triangle will positively affect the enthusiasm for reading books. Going together to buy a book to choose a book is always motivating. When choosing a book, it will be important to give our child the opportunity to examine the books and be patient. Instead of buying small books that are longer than they can read, it is necessary to choose large and well-written books that you can easily finish. If we try to use our tone of voice and facial expression well while reading a book to children, we can easily put them into the dream world that the book invites. In addition, we will make our child want to read by himself as soon as possible.

Sometimes, if we choose stories that are especially extraordinary and that will provoke the child’s creativity, his view of life will expand.

*)Imaginary world The ace has no limits, but life has its limits. Our children’s focus on the unreal with the book and then returning to the safe truth will increase their creative potential and the innovations they bring to life.

The book is a carrier of culture. Therefore, it is valuable if it introduces the past, makes sense of the new, and opens new horizons.

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