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Tea machines are among the super-fast kitchen appliances that offer fast and practical tea making. These machines, which make life easier in the kitchen, benefit from the power of electricity, unlike a classical teapot, with their upper and lower water tanks. While the tea machines with a kettle at the bottom quickly boil the water, the teapot on the top ensures an intense brew. Tea machines, which are very popular among Grundig kitchen products, offer teas brewed in the flavor you want to your tables. Grundig Delisia is with you at tea time for your guests or for long breakfasts with your family!

The birth of GrundigGrundig in Germany 1650 and first produces radio. Grundig, which gained momentum in the periods when radio and televisions were new to life, begins to grow. During the Second World War, many radios were damaged and became unusable. Grundig, which produces a radio with a new design to close this gap in the market, opens a factory with its growth. In the future, it becomes an indispensable part of people’s daily lives by spreading its product range of electrical home appliances to different areas such as vacuum cleaners, irons and maintenance machines. Today, Grundig, acquired by Koç Holding, continues its success in the Turkish market.

What are the technical features of Grundig TM Delisia tea machine?Delisia tea maker can be said to be an advanced model in terms of technical features and design. With 1945 watt working power, it boils water quickly. Your tea is always ready to drink thanks to its keep-warm feature whenever you want. The desired features from a tea machine, in short, its durability and high performance. By combining both features, Grundig designs the TM 7981 that tea lovers will always use.

64 W power, keep warm function thanks to dual heating system0 , 7 L capacity inox teapot, 1, 7 L capacity inox kettle, ability to be used as a kettleStainless steel tea filterCordless, practical use )Color: Dark Inox How is Grundig TM Delisia tea maker design?As a design, Grundig Delisia has an Inox color. This dark Knox color adds a metallic stance. Grundig Delisia, with its modern and compact design, has an appearance that easily adapts to any kitchen. If fingerprints on tea machine surfaces bother you, we have good news from Grundig. Its special fingerprint-free surface ensures that it always stays clean and spotless. The surface made of stainless steel is both durable and long-lasting!

What’s in the box of Grundig TM Delisia tea maker?In Grundig TM Delisia model, two parts of the tea machine are sent. The tea filter and power take-off base in the teapot are also included. The user manual in the box will also help you find all the information you need to know before use.

Resistant tea filter If you are worried about whether the tea maker will be as delicious as a traditional teapot, Grundig puts an end to them. This tea filter made of stainless steel prevents the taste of tea from changing. Grundig Delisia prepares the delicious tea taste you are longing for in minutes. Tea filters are both easy to clean and stainless for long-term use. Your intensely brewed and rabbit blood tea is ready at any time with a click of a button!

Use wireless if you wantWireless usage is now everywhere in modern life. Delisia, which is also used by separating from the Grundig power base, also provides easy mobility. If you leave the power base on, the desired tea temperature is maintained. Even if the cable takes up too much space for you, you can use the cable wrap feature on the soleplate. 360 degrees swivel, these cables have every feature to make movement easier. . If you want, you can carry it from the kitchen to the living room wirelessly, or use it again and again by keeping it connected to the cable.

Possibility to use it as a kettleAnother popular feature of the Grundig Delisia tea maker is It can also be used as a kettle as desired. You can use the lower water boiling chamber without using the teapot. When you need boiling water, just fill the water and press the boiling button. Whether you want a kettle or an enormous tea machine with a single button!

Always hot, always readyAnother detail is that the tea stays hot after brewing. We know that when the tea cools down, it must either be re-brewed or heated. Offering the opportunity to do this with a single button, Grundig can always keep your tea hot. In this, the dual keeping warm feature used in the tea maker is used. You no longer have to worry about my tea getting cold during long chat hours. Leave your brewed tea in the base and always stay warm. Always hot, always ready!

Grundig TM Delisia tea maker FAQShort answer to frequently asked questions about Grundig TM Delisia tea machine We gave it!

Does it have dual keep-warm feature?


How much is the water heater capacity?

1.7 lt.

Is there an automatic shut-off safety feature?


Is the unlock button illuminated?


Grundig TM Delisia tea machine user reviewsGrundig TM Delisia user comments for you to see the opinions of real users about Delisia. we compiled! You can click here to reach the product and buy it with Amazon difference.

Useful product

I did not have any problems in using it. If there is no water and it is left open, it has its own shut-off feature, I am comfortable. It is useful to pay attention to electrical problems while washing. My only criticism is that the buttons are so light that I think how much longer they will last with long use.

I recommend I am satisfied

The product is nice heating setting by boiling the tea in the teapot it doesn’t break. Of course, the amount of water in the heater should be more than half. I am satisfied. The material is of good quality and the color is great. The only downside is the two plastic gaskets on the heater. I wouldn’t want the plastic to come into contact with the hot water. If there were no gaskets and the lid of the teapot was steel, it would be a perfect heater.

Good product

First of all, the product appeals to its visuality, stylish and does not stain. Since I bought it for a dowry, I haven’t brewed tea yet, but I have tested the silent operation and automatic shutdown feature. Even though there is some sound in the first boiling phase (nothing compared to other devices), it is very nice as there is almost no sound in the keeping warm part after sliding. When the water in it is finished, the on-off button turns off automatically and the device turns off, as explained, this is an important and nice feature.

Very stylish

I used the product 2 times for now There is a very good and delicious tea brewing system, if you do not want the water to boil too much, you can turn it off. It keeps the water hot very well in automatic mode. She looks very stylish

Pros and cons

Pros; dark Inox color, plain appearance, compatibility of the lid with the teapot and water heater, relatively quiet operation, keeping the water hot, not boiling, but drinkable in the keeping warm function, after-sales attention and support. Cons; blowing the fuse a few times at the first start, the bottom of the on/off button falling off, the colored part of the teapot peeling off after six months of use (we noticed when the dark inox color was peeled off)7981

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