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Hello there! How are you doing? I’m fine ^^ I write these lines while listening to the song “Love Is Gone” in 8d ehe. Actually, I discovered this song yesterday and I liked it. While browsing the Pinterest this morning, I found an article about 8d songs. It’s like the sound of music and instruments hovering in our right and left ears when we wear headphones. And seriously beautiful. Yes, today I will tell you about my story! I AM VERY EXCITING ABOUT THIS BECAUSE ONLY MY MOTHER AND 2 FRIENDS KNOW. Capital letters in my language mean things like excitement and restlessness, calm down, I’m not yelling at you = – = Aho cough! First of all, this sentence whose name is “The Voice Under My Bed” is enough to envision the whole story in your head. This is beautiful. First of all, let me explain how I came up with this idea. One day (my unhappy times without internet) I was browsing through word files and asked my mother, ‘Mom, can you give me a story idea?’ I said. Let me add that my mother is very good at finding a story. He has been translating the subtitles for the series since he was young. That’s why he watched hundreds of series, mostly romantic (: Anyway he gave me some ideas on that day. But these were not enough for me. Then time passed, if I remember correctly one night, the weather was just getting enlightened. Yes, I had a dream. Usually my dreams were also followed by a bogeyman. And let me make a note: I’ve never flew in a dream in my life TT. In this dream, I was falling in love with another young man. We were being together. Let me give a detail (I don’t know what to write to laugh, but assume that I laugh) carrot was with a head, that is, orange hair, as you know. He had green eyes. Then here’s a nice relationship and stuff. On the next stage, we were sitting on my bunk bed. My old bunk bed. I was crying sluggishly, but ask why? Don’t let that person be a revenge in human guise! He said he came to kill me, but he was in love with me. Then the beautiful relationship continues. I’m… Then suddenly the scene changes. A bus station. Yes my friend bogeymen go to the land of the bogeymen by bus, don’t smirk We held hands. He has a suitcase in his hand. It’s a sad scene, but on the contrary, we’re both smiling sincerely. At that very moment, the scene is changing again. And the person I hold hand with is another young man we witnessed, I have got hold of them, whatever. I suddenly take my hand and go home. I’m telling my mother, she doesn’t believe. Then I woke up. I’m crying a lot! I’m also not aware of what happened. Then here I went down from the bunk bed. There was a piece of paper on the table. (You know I draw and pen and paper is everywhere (:) I drew directly the scene where we smiled that sad. And I went back to bed, and then this was an inspiration for me. I was going to write something else! And the story came out. I’ll tell you now, but don’t tell anyone! 私 は 知 り た い で す Let me start; our main character Amie (still not sure of her name, but this is her sketch name) lives in a mental hospital. hospital and nursing home. ”All girls from the age of 5 to 25 can stay here. Amie was given to this hospital at the age of 5. Amie’s problem is; Every month, on a certain day (although it is still not certain of mine), he starts to hear distorted violin sounds from under his bed after midnight. Then he hears a voice that does not resemble his own name screaming at the same time as if he is being strangled (if you can’t imagine what kind of sound this sound is ‘Mama’) film You can literally listen to the scream of the soul woman inside) And under the bed a man of his age 20 comes out. By the way, let me add a note like ‘a different man every month’. Of course, they all have a separate power. Some play with the girl like a feather, some seem to hear every sound she makes. But they all have two things in common. One of them was to kill Amie and the other was to always have a knife in their hands, but they would never use this knife. It was as if they were going to use it to inflict the deadly wound at the last moment. And the number 206 was engraved on the blades. I will not go in here. And one day our daughter comes down to the garden from her room. He is looking for his scarf, the only memory of his family. Then there is an apple tree that has been his best friend since he first came. He sits underneath him and a male voice comes from next to him. When he turns his head, he sees black shoes – jokingly, chic black leather shoes. He lifts his head. He encounters a skyscraper-like man with everything black on him. But the weird and scary thing is that no matter how much Amie blinked or rubs her eyes, she sees the man’s face blurry. They have a strange conversation with the man. The man behaves as if he was an intellectual who had just encountered humanity! Amie translating her head- This diary is this much. I try not to bore you much. I hope I was able to write properly. I will continue the story tomorrow! And the sequel is pretty exciting. I’ve ordered a book by the way, and it’s coming tomorrow I’m so happy and excited! By the way, my cousin sent me a very nice pajama, as an anime watcher, the only anime naruto TT Pajamas I haven’t seen is the red cloud symbols on the black cape that the Pain character wears. And extremely cool! My pajamas are black with red clouds on them! It is very beautiful. Well yes I just wanted to say. I’m trying not to bore you much. I hope I was able to write properly. I’m sending you lots of hope and beautiful white clouds from here… so that those clouds gather on your head and save your thoughts from dark rain clouds like mine. Gelll again!

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