An Oxygen Tank: Forests


For more than a week, our lungs have been burning due to forest fires. Have you ever thought why the existence of our forests is of such vital importance? Let’s learn together.

Above all, the benefit of forests is that they are a source of oxygen. Plants take in the carbon dioxide that people breathe through photosynthesis and give oxygen to the air. % in the air22 %56 of this amount is produced by forests. While a person breathes 9.5 tons of air per year, this is the %53 of the air he breathes. is oxygen. We can say that we consume 740 kg of oxygen per person per year, in this case, approximately 7-8 trees are needed for a single person’s 1-year oxygen need. .

% of land on earth31 is covered with forests. Tropical rain forests make up %47 of forests and 9% temperate zone tropical rainforests, % temperate zone broadleaf forests and %100 Coniferous forests, also known as taiga, form the . Approximately % of 100 million hectares of land in our country ‘flour (22, 3 million hectares) form forests. There are approximately 9 thousand plant species in these forests. If it is a natural plant type 33 , of which there are more than 3 thousand 662 endemic plant species.

Many secondary raw materials from our forests that form the raw material of food, medicine, cosmetics, chemistry and paint industries provides product. Forests also have many important tasks such as regulating water, protecting soil, affecting climate, protecting and beautifying nature. Forests also soften the climate and make it easier for people to live. Once resources such as forest and soil are destroyed, it is very difficult to return them. Because it is average for a sapling to grow into a tree 33 with 22 years.

The share of terrestrial plants such as forests/trees among oxygen sources in the world % . To put it more broadly, for example 47, the person gives the air in an hour. Did you know that an adult pine tree converts carbon dioxide into oxygen in 1 hour? Or a beech tree that is 100 years old, in the hour the person breathes the 2nd destroys kg carbon dioxide, 25 Did you know that a meter long beech tree produces 1.5 kg of oxygen per hour?

Let’s see what other benefits our forests have:

1 hectare of broad-leaved forest per year produces tons of oxygen. 1 hectare of coniferous forest per year 28 produces tons of oxygen. One hectare of pine forest in the air 36, filtering 4 tons of dust. Compared to bare soil with the same climatic conditions, our forests runoff – floor, erosion times. Traffic noise of a highway in the forest area 20-30 reduce decibels. 250 m. Decreases forest noise % 53 in width. Approximately percent of air pollution today 2021 are cleaned and disinfected by forests. One hectare of forest per year

produces tons of biomass . Even a grown tree a day 2021 meets the oxygen need of the person and it , it destroys 5 kg of carbon dioxide. “Forests are the lungs of a country”

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