A new private mode is coming for Microsoft Edge to increase security


Microsoft’s browser sensitivity research team is working on a new mode to make the Microsoft Edge web browser more secure. The name chosen for this mode is quite interesting: Super Duper Safe Mode

The mode in question is already quite “experimental”. However, this mod, which will disable some optimizations when it becomes available, will make it difficult for attackers trying to exploit vulnerabilities.

Microsoft will disable the JavaScript engine to increase security in Edge. While the JavaScript engine makes website code run faster, it makes it easier for bugs to appear. This opens up security vulnerabilities. Microsoft cites a study by Mozilla to illustrate the situation in question.

It is stated that turning off this technology, called Just-in-Time, may cause performance degradation. Because JavaScript plays an important role in the operation of websites today. While the Microsoft team states that this slowdown can be seen in the benchmark results, they state that there will be no noticeable change for the end user.

Super Duper Mode is not yet suitable for use in all Microsoft Edge versions. Underlining that there are technical difficulties to be overcome, the company also reminds that it is at the beginning of development studies.

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