Hi, I’m 17 years old and I’m afraid of vomiting. I just found out that I have emetophobia. Recently I vomited at the age of 4 years ago I forgot even the feeling. When I take home food, I immediately look at the dates so that I don’t vomit. This may sound interesting to you, but I can’t help it. Of course I panicked and my mother was telling me that my daughter will feel better, but it’s easy to say. I’m running away from my family so that I don’t see them. It’s not, Cemre, just to see if you can’t have a child so you don’t vomit. I can’t take pills either. iye. Something happens to me when I’m sick, you know, and then it passes. I don’t know if there is treatment, maybe I will go. I was born with my father, I have never seen him vomit naturally, I wonder if he has a phobia too? But I think we can manage ourselves no matter what, I will overcome this fear, but I know this. It happens like me. How did you find this article? 2021

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