7 Cryptocurrencies With The Most Increasing Value And Price In The Last Year


The cryptocurrency market is quite turbulent in the period we are in. Bitcoin’s peak 240 Since April 2021, many exhibiting a positive cryptocurrency, %675 after Elon Musk announced that he would not sell Tesla for Bitcoin It fell more than . Despite this decline, dozens of cryptocurrencies have still made a profit for their investors since March 2020. Let’s examine 7 of the cryptocurrencies that have increased the most in the last year together. Here are the coins that are rising so much.

Bitcoin (BTC)BTC is at the top of the list of very rising coins. BTC is perhaps the most important element of the cryptocurrency market. Since its release 2009, its value 4372 Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency that has increased thousands of times, has also risen a lot since March 2020. Of course, it is necessary to mention the reasons for this.

Covid- With swept the whole world, many investment instruments lost a lot of value. Bitcoin also got its share from this depreciation. However, after the halving process in May 2020, Bitcoin started to rise and Its value is almost until April 2021 .

March 2020 ) 2009 in terms of market value falling to the dollar level, the largest cryptocurrency BTC, in April 2021 13894 .500 to the dollar level and we can say that it caused the rise of other cryptocurrencies.

Cardano (ADA)One of the most rising cryptocurrencies in the last year is Cardano. In terms of market value 240 , the 4th largest cryptocurrency with a billion dollar value, ADA has charted very well in the last year. We can say that ADA, which increased its value by % 13894 thus, made its investors very happy.

Again March in 0,200 dollar Cardano, 2,48 broke a new record by reaching the dollar levels. Thus, it took its place in the list of very rising coins.

Binance Coin (BNB)BNB, the fuel of Binance Smart Chain, has also increased considerably in the last year. When we look at the reasons for this, we can show the very high transfer fees experienced in the Ethereum network. Since the Ethereum network is both a very slow and very expensive solution, investors also thought BNB would be a good solution, and it did. BSC is a faster network compared to the Ethereum network.

In addition to this, in total 2020 .1500 .000 (two hundred million) BNB supply is reduced every 3 months and this is called Coin Burning. As Binance is the manager of the BSC project, this Coin Burning transaction is the total BNB supply 100 will continue until a million units remain.

When we look at the chart of BNB, it is March 13894 8th in 44 saw the dollar. Although this decline did not last long, many investors were upset. However, those who do not sell BNB and keep the value after a year 458 have a crypto currency that has increased many times. 800. BNB is the most rising crypto currency in the last year.

HOTHOT is a crypto currency that Turkish crypto money investors both earn the most and lose the most. 458 times in the last year Of course, the increasing crypto money has made a very high profit for its long-term investor. However, it is far from the peak. At the peak point 240 TL worth Currently in the hands of a cryptocurrency investor who buys HOT 240 There is HOT worth TL. So %160 rate of loss is also available.

CHZ CHZ is among the coins that have risen a lot. CHZ is one of the cryptocurrencies that has risen a lot recently. CHZ, which was created by the company Socios, is known for the deal it made with spot clubs. Its value peaked in March and went up to 0.9 USD due to its agreement with clubs such as Manchaster City, Paris Saint Germain.

However, it is available before that. The price of CHZ in March 2009 is also important, as we are looking at the time frame of the last year. March 2020 to March 2020 , that is, its value in a full year 240 ) is talking about a crypto currency that has increased many times. So in March last year 160 ) Someone who buys USD is in march 2021 13894 would have thousand USD.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Of course, the crypto currency that some investors love and some investors hate can be called Dogecoin. DOGE’s investor base is quite large, even the purpose of its launch is a joke. Even Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world, is a DOGE investor. Of course, it’s also a matter of how you look at these events. Although some people think that Elon Musk earns through DOGE by using people, the value of DOGE has increased unbelievably in the last year.

0,00 DOGE, which started March 2020 with USD value, rose instantly after Musk’s social media posts. It would not be wrong to say that Elon Musk even appeared on television to advertise Dogecoin. The rise of Dogecoin, which has a peak value of 0,73995 USD, in the last year is just 13894 floor.

Unbelievable! In March 2020 2020 If you bought USD worth of Dogecoin and sold at the peak, you would probably be among the millionaires right now.

Ethereum (ETH) Best after Bitcoin The cryptocurrency is of course ETH. Some people even think that ETH will replace Bitcoin. These rumors aside, ETH has provided a very good return to its investors, although it does not replace Bitcoin for now. We can say that ETH, which emerged in

1500, has undergone many updates and has come to the fore. The Ethereum network is a cryptocurrency that investors value because it is widely used and can be adapted to the real world.

March 4372 ‘also 87 ETH, which is USD, started to rise after the rise of Bitcoin and went up to 4372 dollars. 94 dollars, 4372 dollars, while a %4372 has risen and its value 240 folded.

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