Release dates 11 May 2021 The group consists of 4 members: Ninja, Mcka, George and Folksong.Fandom names are “Mixer”. All members are Thai and Thai group. This is briefly and I want to express my personal views. Before I wrote this blog, I also read the opinions of a few people. He removed the topic from the group promotion and showed the “non-prayers” as incapable, brought the group to Lgbt + individuals when no members talked about their sexual orientation, and frankly, it made me laugh while reading, In the group, Ninja dresses feminine and you give gender names even to pieces of cloth. We listen to music because it is art. This music is sung by whoever sung it, regardless of the orientation, race, religion, language of the singer. Because it adds a piece to us or because we like it. Now you need to understand it. I liked the song, it was very nice, beautiful and moving. You have to listen by breaking your prejudices. It is already among the m. I find the members very sincere anyway.

Our first member Ninja: Group leader and 23 years old, she dresses feminine. She does not like to disappoint people, so she tries to do her best.DJ does.Dancing and singing are her specialties.

Our second member George is 13 years old. He likes to take pictures. Singing, rapping, basketball and enjoys playing football.

Our third member Mcka: His specialties are singing, rapping and dancing. He is afraid of snakes because he was bitten by a snake when he was young and also likes to play football.

Our fourth member floksong: Specialties are sports, singing and dancing. He likes to play computer games.





We have come to the end of the blog, if you have any questions, do not forget to write it and criticize it with respect. Thank you for reading.

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