11 startups graduating from the 6th term of the Guild Entrepreneurship Center


Lonca Entrepreneurship Center announced that the initiative 12 selected for the 6th term was announced last March we transferred. Lonca Entrepreneurship Center introduced the initiative that graduated from the 6th term 11 with the live broadcast event.

To remind you, for the 6th term of the Guild Entrepreneurship Center startups, among general and fintech, a total of nearly applications was chosen. 12 The 6th term of the Guild Entrepreneurship Center, which started with the selection of the enterprise 12, the graduation of the enterprise

10 Online training since March 2021 Entrepreneurs of the 6th period who started their careers in March, participated in the online GoDay program in March and talked about their ventures. Among the enterprises that graduated from the 6th semester, technology, health, education, )artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and finance solutions

Car4Future: Energy sharing network software and energy transfer hardware developed with blockchain technology for electric vehicles .

CezerUni: Vital sign values ​​such as fever, pulse, blood pressure of patients hospitalized or receiving home care services remotely 24 is a wearable medical device worn on the wrist and index finger, which analyzes the time with time tracking, informs the health personnel when necessary. With CezerUni, it is also aimed to minimize the risk of possible contamination to healthcare personnel.

Clickatory: It is a marketplace platform operating in the category of digital products. . The initiative aims to bring together digital product developers and individual and corporate users on a secure and global platform, from web designs to ready-to-use software, stock media files to design kits.

Innoflux: Flux Braille is a portable device project that enables visually impaired individuals to instantly access printed texts, take notes and share text between devices.

NudgeLab: NudgeLab, whose motto is “who knows what is observed changes”, is a platform that develops smart warning and surveillance systems for loan customers.

Payeni: A digital wallet and corporate privilege platform that enables employees to access a wide privilege network by making corporate discount agreements for companies.

Sweepy: Field information of company data (financial data, order data, user data, unstructured data) from different sources with NLP techniques It enables autonomous cleaning by participating in i and modeling it with machine learning in line with the data content.

TheClico: B2B solution-oriented companies An application that allows you to instantly monitor feedback, complaints and evaluations from hundreds of different web platforms from a single point.

Varsapp : Varapp is a platform where unused items can be rented safely.

Vivente: Vivente, which develops artificial intelligence solutions for the early diagnosis of eye diseases caused by diabetes ‘s product, Ocellus, consists of a camera used in retinal imaging and a disease analysis software that works integrated with this camera.

VulnHero: Cloud-based, which helps organizations that manage their IT infrastructure more easily track and manage security vulnerabilities and security patches. a software service.


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